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Heat Level Guide


I know people have preferences when it comes to heat levels in their books, and I do want to make it as easy as possible for people to find the right book/series for them. 

Why I write multiple heat levels

It's a good question, especially as most advice is to stick with one heat level per genre. There are two reasons: 
  • Some of the issues that I like to explore in my books aren't fully explorable in exclusively low-heat books. 
  • I write because I love it, and sometimes there's a trope, theme, or setting I want to explore that doesn't really work with low-heat as well. 
You'll find that the heat levels for series are listed on the page about the series on my website (here!) along with various other (hopefully helpful) information. 

My Definitions

Heat Level is completely independent of romance type when I'm talking about it, and is measured by the acts depicted on page in the book and nothing more. Other author's definitions may vary. 

Low: no on-page sex scenes. The low end of low is only on-page kisses. As it approaches medium, there may be more mentions of sex in general or implications that characters have slept together off-page.
Medium: on-page sex using non-explicit language.
High: on-page sex using explicit language.

The heat/steam level of a series will normally be consistent with book 1 in a series of standalone romances, and will be evident within two books for series that follow the same character all the way through.

What each of my series is

please note there are minor spoilers ahead.

Other series at this level: Purple Oasis

  • The Apprentice Of Anubis: Ani and Nik do discuss sex, have on-page discussions about contraception, and make multiple references to them sleeping together. There is no on-page sex and it is fade to black.
  • Amethyst's Wand Shop Mysteries: Amy and Ambrose do make occasional comments about sex, but it isn't shown on page.

  • Obscure Academy: the characters mostly only kiss, but there are some fade-to-black moments in some of the books (it depends on the characters and the tropes), as well as several instances where it is clear that the characters have had sex the previous night. Characters also discuss subjects such as sex, contraception, periods, and sexuality.

  • Forgotten Gods (currently in the process of increasing from Low Level 4 to Medium Level 1): the characters are immortal, they spend a lot of time in baths and are generally confident and have steamier kisses leading to more. The focus is still on the plot.
Other series at this level: Supernatural Retrieval Agency

  • Jinx Paranormal Dating Agency: the characters have on-page sex which is descriptive but uses non-explicit language. Sex is important to the characters and their relationships. What happens in these scenes greatly depends on the characters themselves.
  • Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld (my books only, others are higher than this): the characters have on-page sex which is descriptive but uses non-explicit language. Sex is important to the characters and their relationships.
  • Blackthorn Academy for Supernaturals (my books only, others are than this): the characters have on-page sex which uses fairly non-explicit language, but it's monster romance, so there are some... let's call them enhancements (for FB reasons). The sex is still super important to the characters and their relationship, but the romance is still the focus.
Other series at this level: The Paranormal Council, Firehouse Witches

  • I have no on-going series at this level. 
Series at this level: Seven Wardens, Mountain Shifters


Important Note

I am not in any way, shape, or form, suggesting that any other heat level is bad. I've written several higher-heat series in the past. The reason I continue to write a range of heat levels because some tropes and set-ups that I want to write about just aren't as suited to lower heat. I do label things clearly on my website so people can make informed decisions, and I'm always happy to answer any questions!