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Where can I go to stay up to date with your work?

There are several options! If you're on Facebook, you can join my reader group. Or if you'd prefer email updates, you can join my mailing list. On the other hand, if you'd prefer to be only notified about releases and new books, you can follow me on books2read or Bookbub.
You can find all of the links to follow me here:

Is there a complete book list?

Absolutely! You can find it here (with lots of pretty covers!):
For more information about books and series, you can check out this handy spreadsheet.

Is there a recommended reading order?

Each of my series can be read on its own, but I have several “worlds” which encompass more than one series, and there is a suggested order on my website: 

I've found an error in one of your books, what do I do?

First, I'd like to apologise. Every effort is made to ensure each and every book is error-free. Unfortunately, errors are pesky creatures and sometimes slip through. If that's the case, please fill out this form and I'll get it fixed! 

Your book was originally in a boxed set, but now I can’t find it.

Most anthologies/boxed sets are only available for a limited time and then go off sale. In most cases, the book is already back out in the world. There is a list of titles on the page below. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, please ask and I’ll point you in the right direction!

Your book isn’t in Kindle Unlimited, will that change?

No, that isn’t going to change. Being in Kindle Unlimited means that I would have to keep my books exclusive to Amazon, which not only excludes readers who use Apple Books, Kobo, Nook, Google Play, and other purchasing sites, but also those who can access my books via library sites such as Overdrive, or subscription sites like Hoopla and Scribd. Not being able to have my books available on as many places as possible is a deal-breaker for me, which is why I choose not to do it. I regularly run sales and have some free book ones and prequels for readers to be able to try before they buy.

Do you have any audiobooks?

I do! You can find more information about them here:

Do you have any completed series?

Yes, I have multiple completed series, both solo and co-writes (you can find out more information on the completed series page of my website

Complete Solo Series:
Complete Co-Written Series:

Do you have any free books?

I do! Mostly because I know without KU it's a risk for people to try my books. The following books and stories are free. Please note that these do all lead into paid series, though some of them are able to be read as standalones. You can find them here:
You can also sign up to my mailing list to get a free chapter of my newsletter serial every week (sent until the book itself is finished!)

Is there any news on the next book in XXX Series?

(Swap out XXX for a series of your choice!) 
I will finish every series that I start, partly because I think that's important for maintaining the trust between myself and my readers, and partly because I have the stories in my head and I want to tell them. 
You can find more detailed information about specific series here:
If the series you're looking for isn't on the list, then it is likely to already be complete. 

Why are some of your books 99 cents but not others?

Books of mine which are 99 cents are at a sale price. Sometimes, I have limited time sales on backlist titles, or I have a special pre-order price for a book one. This is to give people a chance to try a series at a cheaper price. There is no guarantee about the when or length of time a book will be 99 cents, or if/when a book will go on sale. 

Can I join your ARC team?

I run my ARC team via Booksprout. You can find out more here: 

Do you write all your books yourself?

Yes! If it has my name on the cover, then I did an equal share of the writing. E.g. if it’s just my name, I wrote all of it, if there’s one co-author listed, I wrote half, if there are two co-authors listed, I wrote a get the picture! I have far too many ideas and take far too much joy in writing to let anyone else near doing it for me!

How do you write & publish so much?

Being an author is my full time job, and as I'm sure anyone with their own business will tell you, it's too easy to work too much. I write almost every day and can write up to 15,000 words a day (though often do less!), and plot in advance so I know where a story is going. For me, it makes the process a lot quicker! 

Do you have any pen names?

No, this is the one and only pen name I write under.

Do you go to signings and events?

I do, but mostly in the UK where I live. You can find the ones I’m going to on my website:

Can I order signed paperbacks/swag?

You can! I have a form on my website. Postage varies based on the number of books and is the lowest I can manage from the UK with careful packaging. I offer discounts on multiple books purchased.

I have a question that isn’t answered here, what should I do?

You can either post in my Reader Group, or fill out the contact form here!

Do you write dark/bully romance?

No, I don’t. It isn’t for me for personal and professional reasons, so you won’t find dark/bully romance among my books.

Why has your cover/title changed?

There are several reasons I’ve done this in the past, including:
  • The designer asked if they could make some tweaks (e.g. The Paranormal Council, Grimalkin Academy: Kittens)
  • To make the covers more genre appropriate so they can reach the right readers (e.g. Return Of The Fae/Blessed, Spell Caster, ME Series)
  • Rebranding a planned standalone into a series (e.g. Ashryn Barker, The Fae Queen Of Winter)
  • Moving books into the same series (e.g. Forgotten Gods)
It’s never done without a lot of thought and consideration as I know it can be confusing for readers.

Is there a list of which books have had title changes?

There is one now! The following books have had their titles changed:
  • The Bear’s Claws (The Paranormal Council #6) was previously His Lost Bear
  • The Familiar’s Wings (The Paranormal Council #7) was previously Spellbound
  • Fall Of Hope (Return Of The Fae #1) was previously Wolf Blessed (Blessed #1)
  • Rise Of Night (Return Of The Fae #2) was previously Fae Blessed (Blessed #2) and before that, a shortened version was called Fae Lost
  • Dawn Of Pain (Return Of The Fae #3) was previously Elf Blessed (Blessed #3)
  • Dance With Me (ME #5) was previously If The Shoe Fits
  • Hustle With Me (ME #6) was previously Con With Me
  • Permission To Breathe Denied was previously Hidden
  • Braided Silver (Untold Tales #5) was previously Braids Of Silver
  • The Hunter’s Potion (The Paranormal Council #8) was previously Witch’s Potion (Thornheart Coven #1)
  • The Banshee’s Spark (The Paranormal Council #9) was previously Witch’s Spark (Thornheart Coven #2)
  • Dragon Destiny (Dragon Soul #1) was previously Bound Soul
  • Dragon Heart (Dragon Soul #2) was previously Half Soul
  • Dragon Outcast (Dragon Soul #3) was previously Torn Soul
  • Awakened Princess (Beyond The Curse #1) was previously two books Awakening & Cloaked, the plots of which have been combined and completely rewritten.
  • Cursed Crown (A Beyond The Curse prequel) was previously Accursed (with minor edits)
  • Betrayed Royals (A Beyond The Curse prequel) was previously Betrayed (with minor edits)
  • Her Tomato Mate (available in the Eat Your Heart Out Anthology) will be The Hummingbird's Mate on re-release. 
  • Calling Eira, Sight Of Change, and The Lion's Pride all changed titles before listing on retailers, and were previously going to be called Dueling Eira, Frost Blessed, and Witch's Web respectively.

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