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Free: Tower Of Thorns (Grimm Academy)

 Tower Of Thorns Laura Greenwood Grimm Academy Once Upon An Academy Rapunzel fairy tale

Now Rapunzel is at Grimm Academy, she's determined to escape her tower.

Rapunzel learned her prophecy by heart years ago, and now, she plays with fate over the details.
When she meets a handsome Lord at Grimm Academy, she goes one step further and starts a chain of events which will lead to a bigger betrayal than she ever saw coming.
Welcome to Grimm Academy, where fairy tale characters go to avoid their fate.
Tower Of Thorns is part of the Grimm Academy fantasy fairy tale romance series and is a standalone retelling of Rapunzel. It includes a fairy tale heroine determined to save herself and a sweet m/f romance. 

If you enjoy fairy tale retellings, fantasy academy settings, friendship, prophecies, strong heroines, and sweet romance, start the Grimm Academy series!

99c 13th-23rd June 2024: The Fox and the Viscount (The Shifter Season)

The Fox and the Viscount The Shifter Season Laura Greenwood

 Two fox-shifting childhood friends reconnect in the ballroom and make an ill-advised wager that could lead them to love.

When Victoria runs into her childhood friend and fellow fox shifter, Edmund, at a society event, she finds herself engaging in a scandalous wager over which of the two will secure an engagement first. 

Even with a suitable suitor calling on her, she can't help but be drawn back to her friend's side, and they soon find themselves in a compromising situation with only one way out of it. 

Can they resist the pull they have to one another? 

The Fox and the Viscount is a paranormal Regency romance with fox shifters, an ill-advised wager, childhood friends to lovers, and a handsome Viscount. It is part of the Shifter Season series and includes a sweet m/f romance. 

The Fox And The Viscount is Laura Greenwood's latest story and one of her best. Edmund and Victoria live up to being fox shifters and their cheekiness just had me smiling the entire book. Combined with the restraint from regency times, it creates a perfect balance of wit, subtlety, and scandal. If there were ever shifters during that period, this is what it would've been like. I absolutely adore this one and I can't wait to read the next book. Arizona Tape, USA Today Bestselling Author

99c 13th-23rd June 2024: Bastet (Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld)

 Bastet  Speed Dating With The Denizens Of The Underworld Laura Greenwood

Bastet knows better than to fall for her ex, and yet she can't seem to help herself.

The last person Bastet expects to connect with while at a speed dating event is her ancient ex, but as soon as they cross paths, it seems inevitable that she'll fall for his charms all over again.
But she isn't the only one who wants Ptah, and when he fails to turn up for their date, she knows something is desperately wrong.

Can she save him before it's too late?

Bastet is book seven in the Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld shared world, filled with shifting gods, a second chance romance, and more.

Limited Edition Anthology: Songs Of The Deep 2

Songs Of The Deep 2 Anthology  

Travel back beneath the waves with those who lost their lives beneath them. Saved by Posideon himself, these merpeople are more than they appear. The tides welcome you back for tales of revenge, love, and more.

Songs of the Deep volume 2 brings tales from talented authors:

D.C. Gomez - MK Mancos - JC Brown & Lena Lane - Brigit Rosé - Nicole Zoltak - Lexi Ostrow - Whitney Gayle - Feral Thorne - Casia Pickering - Lauren Smith - Destinee Nagel - Laura Hawks - Laura Greenwood - Marie Catherine Regalado

One click and see how life truly is beneath the waves.

Get your copy here!

99c 1st-30th June 2024: Dating A Love Goddess (Jinx Paranormal Dating Agency)

  Dating A Love Goddess Laura Greenwood To Date A God

A love goddess might know a lot about romance, but can she find it for herself?

As a goddess of love, Aine is used to thinking about romance, just not her own. But after calling a Council of the other love gods, she finds herself with the possibility that someone might want her. 

Min knows that winning Aine's heart is going to be tough, but he's determined to convince her that they could be good together. 

Can the two of them figure out how to make it work? 
Dating A Love Goddess is a mythology-inspired paranormal m/f romance and part of the Jinx Paranormal Dating Agency series. It features a Celtic love goddess unsure whether she can love, and an Egyptian god determined to win her heart. 

If you enjoy light-hearted paranormal romances featuring gods from different mythologies around the world, a hint of steam, and a happy ever after at the end of every book, start the Jinx Paranormal Dating Agency series today!

Free: Shifting Forms For Clumsy Felines (Obscure Academy #1)

 Shifting Forms For Clumsy Felines Laura Greenwood Obscure Academy

What happens when a cheerleading leopard shifter trying to avoid romance meets a charming tiger shifter?
When she arrived at Obscure Academy, Krissi promised herself she'd focus on her studies and cheer practice. She wasn't going to worry about boys or the fact she's less than graceful in her leopard form.
Everything changes when she shares an accidental kiss with her flatmate, and despite every attempt to stay away from Jeremy, she keeps finding herself drawn back to the tiger shifter.
Can Jeremy convince her to give their relationship a chance?
Shifting Forms For Clumsy Felines is a light-hearted shifter academy m/f romance set at Obscure Academy. It features a leopard shifter determined to avoid romance at all costs, and a tiger shifter who falls hard for her. 

99c Pride Month Sale

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Dating A Love Goddess (queer m/f)

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Gift Of Darkness (sapphic)

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Playing The Game (MMF)

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What Lies Beneath (MM)

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Wolf Heart (MM)

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Kinky Baby (MM)

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Storms Inside Us (MM)

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Skating On Chance (MM)

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A Rival Most Vial (MM)

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One Night (MM)

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