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The Dragon Duels

Urban Fantasy Dystopia, Complete Series

An urban fantasy dystopia series following Raine as she takes on the Dragon Duels in exchange for a pardon after illegally using magic. 

Series Overview: 
Point of View: single, first person
Point of View Character: Raine (books 1-3)
Heat Level: low
Relationship Type: m/f 
Build: slow
Cliffhangers: yes (complete series)
Tense: present

Please note: Escaping The Chains is a standalone which deals with issues surrounding domestic abuse (there is no romance between the main character and her abuser). Please read with caution. You can find out more about the book here.

Stoking the Embers dystopia urban fantasy dragons Igniting The Coals The Dragon Duels Laura Greenwood Urban Fantasy Forging The Blaze Laura Greenwood The Dragon Duels urban fantasy dystopia Escaping The Chains Laura Greenwood The Dragon Duels Striking The Flint The Dragon Duels Laura Greenwood urban fantasy

Stoking The Embers

Two hundred and fifty people go into the Dragon Duels. One in fifteen come out.

When Raine finds herself part of the quarterly Dragon Duels, she has to do everything she can to survive without losing herself in the process. Teaming up with a volunteer from the White Towers is the last thing she thought she'd do, but Cobalt has the information she needs to live to win, and she isn't about to let that slip through her fingers.

Escaping from the dragons is only half the battle - does she have what it takes to win the rest?
Stoking the Embers is book one in the Dragon Duels series, an urban fantasy adventure with a dystopian flare and a slow burn m/f romance.

The Hunger Games meet ravenous dragons in this action-packed novel that will keep you on the edge of your seat from the first to the last page. I loved the characters and can't wait for more of the romance to develop in the next book. Highly recommended! - Skye MacKinnon, USA Today Bestselling Author

As a lover of both dragons and a dystopian world, Stoking The Embers is a match made in heaven for me. Raine's journey to the Dragon Duels is a wild ride that brings the best out of some people and the worst in others. It has magic, survival, battle, romance, and if you hadn't guessed, dragons! Can't wait to see where Laura Greenwood takes us in the next book. - Arizona Tape, USA Today Bestselling Author

Igniting The Coals 

As one of the winners of the Dragon Duels, Raine finds herself drafted into the Dragon Defenders, the elite guard who keep the White Towers safe.
Despite not having the same training as the other recruits, she finds herself enjoying being a trainee, especially as she gets to spend more time with Cobalt and explore their budding relationship.
But when her sister's photo turns up in the most unexpected of places, she learns the shocking truth about the Marriage Market, and what it takes to get someone out of it...
Igniting The Coals is book two in the Dragon Duels series, an urban fantasy adventure with a dystopian flare and a slow burn romance.

Forging The Blaze

Raine thought she’d found her place among the Dragon Defenders, but when it becomes clear that all is not well, she finds herself questioning the side she’s on.
Between talking to dragons, working on her skills as a Defender, and her budding relationship with Cobalt, she has her hands full.
When a dragon asks her to make the ultimate sacrifice, can she do it?
Forging The Blaze is book three in the Dragon Duels series, an urban fantasy adventure with a dystopian flare and a slow burn m/f romance.

Escaping The Chains

Maribelle entered the Marriage Market for a better life for her and her family, instead, all she got was pain and fear.

After a year of marriage to Jacob, she is pushed to the limit, and one wrong move could mean the end of her life once and for all.

But Maribelle is no longer alone, and with the support of her new allies, she begins to finally believe she can escape the chains binding her.


Escaping The Chains is a standalone in the Dragon Duels series, a modern fantasy with a dystopian flare.

Escaping The Chains includes themes of domestic abuse (not between love interests), please read with caution.

Striking The Flint (prequel)

When Piper Miller is drafted to be a contestant in the Dragon Duels, she knows she's about to face something horrific.

Thrown into an arena with fifty other prisoners, mostly those convicted of petty crimes like hers, she has to survive ten days under the constant threat of death from exposure, other contestants, and the fire-breathing dragons that no one can predict.

Alongside her childhood friend, Joseph, she does her best to survive everything thrown at her. Can she survive the inaugural Dragon Duels?


Starting The Fire is a prequel to the urban fantasy dystopian series, The Dragon Duels. It is set approximately 150 years before the events of the main series and follows Piper as she competes in the first ever Duels. There is a romantic m/f sub-plot.

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