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Complete Book List

If you click on the series title, you'll be taken to the series page where there is more information about genre, heat level (I write heat levels low to medium), pairings, and more.

Currently On-Going Series

Forgotten Gods (fantasy mythology romance) 
  1. Feather Of Balance
  2. Protectors of Poison
  3. Daughter of the Sun 
  4. Servant of Chaos
  5. Devourer of Hearts
  6. Acolyte of Truth
  7. Empress of The Dark
  8. Quest of the Goddess
  9. Trust of the Goddess
  10. Heart of the Goddess
  11. Serpent Of The Crown
  12. Seeker Of Relics
  13. Defender Of Spirits
  14. Guardian Of The Oasis
  15. Vine Of The Heavens
  16. Spitfire Of The Caverns
  17. Tree Of The Afterlife
  18. Goddess Of The East*
  19. More to be announced
Forgotten Gods: Origins Mini-Series: 

House Of Blood And Roses (vampire romantasy) 

Grimm Academy (fantasy fairy tale romance) 

Purple Oasis, co-written with Arizona Tape (modern fantasy romance) 
  1. Shifter's Heart
  2. Witch's Lesson
  3. Witch's Memory
  4. Shifter's Truth
  5. Mer's Journey
  6. Nymph's Storm
  7. Shifter's Escape
  8. Witch's Warning
  9. Mage's Library
  10. Familiar's Dance - part of the Fiction Fans and Ballgowns 2024 Anthology
  11. Familiar's Conflict - part of the Standing Proud: Indie Pride Anthology
Purple Oasis Revamped
Arizona and I are currently working on a revamp of Purple Oasis that will include updates to the old books and some brand new ones. 

Only my books are listed below.

Only my books are listed below.

Complete Series

The Obscure World

The Ashryn Barker Trilogy (urban fantasy, complete series) 
  1. Shattered Illusions
  2. Broken Illusions
  3. Tarnished Illusions 
Boxed Set: 
Grimalkin Academy (urban fantasy academy, complete series)
  1. First Time's A Charm 
  2. Second Time's A Curse 
  3. Third Time's A Crime 
  4. Fourth Time's A Cure 
  5. Fifth Time's A Crisis 
  6. This Time Is Trouble 
  7. Catching A Vampire 
  8. Catching A Wizard 
  9. Catching A Warlock 
  10. Courting A Witch
The Black Fan (paranormal romance, complete series)
  1. Bite Of The Past 
  2. Bite Of The Truth 
  3. Bite Of The Oath

Grimalkin Vampires (urban fantasy academy, complete series) 
  1. No Stakes Allowed 
  2. Stakes Are Raised 
  3. Highest Of Stakes
Boxed Set: 
City Of Blood (urban fantasy, complete series) 
  1. Drop Of Blood
  2. Drought Of Blood
  3. Dawn Of Blood
Boxed Set: 

Supernatural Retrieval Agency (urban fantasy, complete series) 
  1. Harpy's Mission 
  2. Harpy's Escape
  3. Harpy's Freedom 
  4. Accidental Cupid
Boxed Set: 
Sabre Woods Academy (urban fantasy academy, complete series) 
  1. Tiger Crown 
  2. Tiger Throne 
  3. Tiger Queen 

Scythe Grove Academy (urban fantasy academy, complete series) 
  1. Shadow Seer
  2. Shadow Prophet 
  3. Shadow Oracle

The Paranormal Council Universe  

The Paranormal Council (paranormal romance, complete series)
  1. The Dryad's Pawprint
  2. The Vixen's Bark
  3. The Necromancer's Prey
  4. The Vampire's Bite 
  5. The Witch's Stripes 
  6. The Bear's Claws 
  7. The Familiar's Wings 
  8. The Hunter's Potion
  9. The Banshee's Spark
  10. The Lion's Pride 
  11. The Hummingbird's Mate
  12. The Reindeer's Spell 
  13. The Unicorn's Mane 
  14. The Viper's Dream
  15. The Tortoise's Race
  16. Reluctant Dragon Mate  
  17. Bewitched Incubus Mate 
  18. Forbidden Vampire Mate 
Paranormal Criminal Investigations (urban fantasy murder mystery, complete series) 

The Necromancer Council (urban fantasy, complete series) 

Other Series

The Dragon Duels (urban fantasy dystopia, complete series) 

Beyond The Curse (romantasy/fantasy fairy tale romance, complete series) 
Untold Tales (fantasy fairy tale romance, complete series)

Twin Souls Universe, co-written with Arizona Tape

Twin Souls Universe (paranormal romance, complete series) 

Other Co-Written Series

Seven Wardens, co-written with Skye MacKinnon (romantic fantasy, complete series) 
  1. From the Deeps
  2. Into the Mists
  3. Beneath the Earth 
  4. Within the Flames 
  5. Above the Waves
  6. Under the Ice 
  7. Rule the Dark

Kingdom Of Fairytales: Snow White, co-written with J.A. Armitage (fantasy fairy tale, complete series)