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Scythe Grove Academy

Urban Fantasy Academy, Complete Series

  Scythe Grove Academy is an urban fantasy series following Reaper/Seer, Syxe as she learns about her powers for the first time. Part of the Obscure World.

Series Overview: 
Point of View: single, first person
Point of View Character: Syxe (except prequel)
Heat Level: low
Relationship Type: m/f
Build: slow
Cliffhangers: yes (complete series) 
Tense: present

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Shadow Seer

All Syxe has ever wanted to do is help the ghosts that speak to her. 

But that's not in line with the Shadow Association's teachings. In a world where supernaturals run coffee shops and openly practice magic, they want to stay hidden in the shadows, and they use Syxe's ability to see ghosts to help that. 

When a mysterious new student in her class asks for her help solving a murder, Syxe finds herself caught up in a mystery which could end up with her cast out from the Association. 

Can Syxe embrace her powers as a Seer? Or will the Association keep her in their grip? 

Diving into Shadow Seer was a real treat. I got to experience a new world together with the main character, Syxe, and was blown away with all the interesting twists on reapers. It's got everything I love, starting with a hidden supernatural academy, sorting into houses, and a mysterious cult. The characters are well-developed and as always, the world-building is top notch. The whole story is really immersive and I wish it was real so I could swing a scythe of my own around. Can't wait to read the next book, which is what I'm going to do right now. Highly recommend. Arizona Tape, USA Today Bestselling Author

Shadow Prophet

I've never known who I am or where I came from, and now that's going to change.

The Shadow Association want me back under their control, and I'm sure their hold over me has something to do with my parents.

Between trying to discover my past, staying out of the Association's clutches, and keeping up with my reaper studies, I have my hands full. But I'm determined to achieve everything I need to. I'm going to find out who I am, no matter how long it takes.


Shadow Prophet is book two of the paranormal academy series, Scythe Grove Academy. It includes a slow burn m/f romance.

I dove straight into Shadow Prophet after finishing the first book. We're back at Scythe Grove Academy with novice reaper, Syxe. We get more interesting lore about how to help the ghosts and a disturbing discovery about her past and the cult. It felt like I read this book in one breath, the tension and pacing were perfect and the ending just left me wanting more. Am I too invested in this journey? Maybe. When am I getting my own scythe? - Arizona Tape, USA Today Bestselling Author

Shadow Oracle

I have one mission: to bring down the Shadow Association. 

They've tried to take everything from me, but I'm not going to let them. They have to be held accountable for the horrible things they've done. 

And I'm the one who is going to make it happen. 

Shadow Oracle is book three of the Scythe Grove Academy series.

Shadow Oracle is the finale to Syxe's tense journey to escape from the Shadow Association's grip, but the cult isn't letting her go so easily. Our heroine has to strike a delicate balance in living her life and exploring her newfound reaper abilities while trying to help the Supernatural Retrieval Agency. There are a lot of sweet, beautiful moments for Syxe, considering a cult is after her, and it's great to learn more about how they got her in the first place. A wonderful and tense conclusion to a fantastic series with a resilient heroine. One of my favourites from Laura Greenwood! - Arizona Tape, USA Today Bestselling Author

Grove Captain (prequel)

Juliet has five days to get as many reaper bounty points as possible if she wants to become Sakura Grove's Captain. 

When Juliet and Tobias find a ghost with unfinished business on the moors, they know it's their duty to help him, even if it means losing the competition. 

Can they find a way to save the ghost and become Grove Captains?

Grove Captain is a prequel to the Scythe Grove Academy urban fantasy academy series (non-bully). It is full of reapers, ghosts, an m/f romantic sub-plot. 

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