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Supernatural Retrieval Agency

Urban Fantasy Romance, Complete Series

This is an urban fantasy series about a new member of the Supernatural Retrieval Agency as she learns how to help keep the peace between supernaturals and humans. Part of the Obscure World.

Series Overview: 
Point of View: single, first person
Point of View Character: Harper (books 1-3), Pippa (book 4)
Heat Level: medium
Relationship Type: m/f
Build: fast
Cliffhangers: yes (complete series) 
Tense: present

Harpy's Mission The Harpy Bounty Hunter urban fantasy laura greenwood Harpy's Escape The Harpy Bounty Hunter urban fantasy laura greenwood Harpy's Freedom The Harpy Bounty Hunter urban fantasy laura greenwood Accidental Matchmaker The Accidental Cupid Laura Greenwood

Harpy's Mission

Harper has wanted to join the Agency for as long as she can remember, but even she never expected to be thrown in the deep end on her first day.

After she helps uncover a secret crime ring within the city, she's sent on a rescue mission to get a vital witness to safety. But when the plan goes sideways, Harper and her partner have to work out why, and how they can fix it.

Can this harpy complete her mission?
Harpy's Mission is book one in the urban fantasy Supernatural Retrieval Agency Series, which includes a romantic m/f sub-plot.

Harpy's Mission is an upbeat, quick-paced story about Harper, the Harpy. The book starts with her first day at a new job in law enforcement, one of the many paranormal departments that exist in Laura Greenwood's world. Harper is confident and eager, something that doesn't go unnoticed by Elias, her boss. There's a lot of banter, famous lasagna, and an exciting chase after an invisible crime boss. The balance between the action and the romance is satisfying, and there are some awesome side-characters with big personalities in this story. - Arizona Tape, USA Today Bestselling Author

Harpy's Escape 

With no one believing them about Ocypete, Harper and her team are left to try and investigate without any official backing.
When a couple of new leads come in, they learn that things are a lot worse than they first expected, and if they don't act fast, then they risk something far worse than a new crime boss.
Fighting crime might be one thing on Harper's mind, but her growing relationship with Elias is also part of the equation and she finds herself spending an increasing amount of time in his arms.
Can they start building a case against Ocypete that people are going to believe, or is she going to get the better of them?
Harpy's Escape is book two in the urban fantasy Supernatural Retrieval Agency Series, which includes a romantic m/f sub-plot.

Harpy's Freedom

Caught by the woman she's trying to bring down, Harper is determined to find a way to escape.

When a chance turn of events brings her back together with Elias, the chances of successfully bringing Ocypete down are higher than ever, if they can figure out how to outsmart the crime boss.

Can Harper find her freedom and protect the people she cares about, or will Ocypete win for good?
Harpy's Freedom is book three in the urban fantasy romance Supernatural Retrieval Agency Series, which includes an m/f romance.

Accidental Cupid

As a cupid, Pippa does everything she can to avoid setting people up, but sometimes, she just can't help herself.
When her best friends get engaged, she ends up at a Halloween party with the last person she ever expected to see again.
Can Pippa avoid matchmaking and her ex-boyfriend all in the same night?
Accidental Cupid is a light-hearted second chance paranormal romance with cupids and a central m/f romance.

Supernatural Retrieval Agency Boxed Set

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