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Suggested Reading Order

Each of my series is intended to be read on its own, but some are set in shared worlds, and happen in a timeline order, so here's that! Enjoy! Series are in brackets.

* = currently on pre-order

The Obscure World

Each series in the Obscure World can be read on its own. The series do contain cameos from previous characters and may reference past events, but you can pick and choose which you read without losing anything. 

Present Day

The Ashryn Barker Trilogy (Ashryn, complete series) 
  1. Shattered Illusions
  2. Broken Illusions 
  3. Tarnished Illusions 

Grimalkin Academy (complete series)
  1. Curses Start Somewhere (prequel)
  2. Catching A Vampire (Daphne #1)
  3. First Time's A Charm (Mona #1)
  4. Second Time's A Curse (Mona #2)
  5. Catching A Wizard (Daphne #2)
  6. Catching A Warlock (Daphne #3) 
  7. Third Time's A Crime (Mona #3) 
  8. Fourth Time's A Cure (Mona #4)
  9. Fifth Time's A Crisis (Mona #5)
  10. Courting A Witch (Daphne HEA) 
  11. This Time Is Trouble (Mona HEA) 

The Black Fan (complete series) 
  1. First Bite (prequel to book 1) 
  2. Bite Of The Past (Catherine & Benedict) 
  3. First Truth (prequel to book 2) 
  4. Bite Of The Truth (Sonia & Levi) 
  5. First Oath (prequel to book 3)
  6. Bite Of The Oath (Bindi & Julian) 
  7. First Guard (side story)

Grimalkin Vampires (Lily, complete series) 
  1. No Stakes Allowed
  2. Stakes Are Raised 
  3. Highest Of Stakes 

City Of Blood (Chloe, complete series) 
  1. Blood Payment (prequel)
  2. Drop Of Blood 
  3. Drought Of Blood 
  4. Dawn Of Blood

Supernatural Retrieval Agency (Harper, complete series) 
  1. Harpy's Mission 
  2. Harpy's Escape
  3. Harpy's Freedom 
  4. Accidental Cupid (Pippa) 

Sabre Woods Academy (Kayra, complete series) 
  1. Tiger Crown 
  2. Tiger Throne
  3. Tiger Queen 

Scythe Grove Academy (Syxe, complete series) 
  1. Grove Captain (Juliet prequel)
  2. Shadow Seer
  3. Shadow Prophet
  4. Shadow Oracle

Cauldron Coffee Shop (Willow, complete series) 
  1. Unfortunate Decrees And Iced Coffees (Sabine, side story)
  2. Pumpkin Spice And All Things Nice 
  3. Hazelnut Latte And Something To Say
  4. Peppermint Tea And Nothing Is Free 
  5. Cinnamon Cocoa And Far To Go
  6. Mulled Cider And No One Is Wiser
  7. Vanilla Frappe And Reasons To Stay
  8. Festive Drinks And Season's Hijinks
  9. Earl Grey And New Rules In Play
  10. Berry Infusion And Lots Of Confusion
  11. Strawberry Milkshake And What's At Stake
  12. Herbal Concoctions And Out Of Options
  13. Ancient Nightcap And That's A Wrap

Broomstick Bakery (complete series) 
For the optimum reading order experience, books 1-3 of Broomstick Bakery should be read between Vanilla Frappe and Reasons To Stay (Cauldron Coffee Shop #6) and Festive Drinks and Season's Hijinks (Cauldron Coffee Shop #7). The events of The Baklava Witch occur during Berry Infusion and Lots Of Confusion (Cauldron Coffee Shop #9) 
  1. The Cupcake Witch (Oakley & Justin) 
  2. The Macaron Witch (Hazel & Anthonio)
  3. The Pastry Warlock (Ellie & Ash, side story) 
  4. The Gingerbread Witch (Rowen & Edward) 
  5. The Baklava Witch (Clover & Tyler) 

Obscure Academy
There will be more books in the Obscure Academy series than are currently listed.
  1. Shifting Forms For Clumsy Felines (Krissi & Jeremy) 
  2. Bonfire Night For Flammable Dragons (Jazz & Idris, holiday story)
  3. Drinking Blood For Squeamish Vampires (Bernie & Shane)
  4. Enchanting Songs For Silent Sirens (Melody & Josh) 
  5. Secret Santa For Grumpy Elves (Holly & Chris, holiday story) 
  6. Flipping Tails For Seasick Mermaids (Fiona & Wade) 
  7. Blind Dates For Lonely Gorgons (Thalia & Evander, holiday story) 
  8. Potion Making For Disastrous Witches (Michaela & Owen) 
  9. Trading Names For Polite Sprites (Essie & Byron) 
  10. Minor Inconveniences For Annoyed Pixies (Grace & Henry) 
  11. Cooking Classes For Vegetarian Ghouls (Zoya & Cyprus) 
  12. Team Building For Friendly Hellhounds (Evie & Ceb) 
  13. Finding Answers For Confused Succubi (Mandy & Darius) 
  14. Mischievous Familiars For Cordial Fairies (Posey & Cedric) 
  15. Recalling Memories For Forgetful Phoenxies (Sera & Hugo) 
  16. Party Hats For Sweet Minotaurs (Sage & Castor, side story)
  17. Stoney Gazes For Helpful Gorgons (Rhea & Jack)
  18. Mixing Drinks For Tipsy Weasels* (Erica & Rupert)  
  19. Summer Break For Awkward Bears (Ila & Jacob, side story)
  20. Pumpkin Carving For Superstitious Witches (Juniper & Emmett, holiday story)

Historical Timeline

 The Shifter Season (complete series) 
  1. The Fox and the Viscount (Miss Victoria Foxe & Edmund, Viscount Renarton) 
  2. The Lady and the Rabbit (Miss Denise Foxe & Mr George Beaumont, side story)
  3. The Peacock and the Wallflower (Miss Esther Featherborn & Mr Laurence Peabury)
  4. The Stag and The Baroness (Lady Lydia Ferrington & Jonathan, Baron Ferrington) 
  5. The Swan and the Rake (Miss Letitia Swanley & Philip, Lord Cygnus) 
  6. The Otter and the Officer (Miss Georgiana Rocke & Captain Henry Stone) 
  7. The Falcon and the Bluestocking (Miss Mary Falnor & Stephen, Duke of Clawdon) 
  8. The Dancer and the Robin (Miss Emily Falnor & Mr William Crestfellow, side story)
  9. The Stoat and the Debutante (Miss Harriet Ermington & Mr Frederick Stoaly) 
  10. The Heir and the Tiger (Josephine, the Shifter Heir, and Otto, the Count of Strizenzia, side story)

Obscure World Boxed Sets

The Egyptian Empire

Events of the Egyptian Empire world are set in a world where the Egyptian Empire took the place of the Roman Empire. It is set in an alternative modern world. 

The Apprentice Of Anubis (Ani) 
There will be more books in the Apprentice Of Anubis series than are currently listed.

The Forgotten Gods

Present Day

  1. Feather Of Balance (Ma'at & Maahes) 
  2. Protectors of Poison (Serket & Fetket) 
  3. Daughter of the Sun (Sekhmet & Sed) 
  4. Servant of Chaos (Rhodopis & Abu) 
  5. Devourer of Hearts (Ammit & Tutu) 
  6. Acolyte of Truth (Edrice & Mennefer) 
  7. Empress of The Dark (Nephthys & Heka) 
  8. Quest of the Goddess (Hathor & Amun) 
  9. Trust of the Goddess (Hathor & Amun) 
  10. Heart of the Goddess (Hathor & Amun) 
  11. Serpent Of The Crown (Wadjet & Kherty) 
  12. Seeker Of Relics (Anat & Haurun) 
  13. Defender Of Spirits (Kebechet & Imsety) 
  14. Guardian Of The Oasis (Abaset & Ash) 
  15. Vine Of The Heavens (Geshtinanna & Aken) 
  16. Spitfire Of The Caverns (Sesy & Tatenen) 
  17. Tree of The Afterlife (Amentet & Horakhty)
  18. Lair Of The Siren (Nadda & Saf, side story), part of the Songs Of The Deep 2 Anthology
  19. Goddess Of The East* (Iabet)  

Forgotten Gods: Origins Mini-Series (historic timeline) 
  1. Mistress Of Sky And Stars (Nut & Geb) 
  2. Collectors Of Sand And Tears (Nehmetawy & Thoth) 
  3. Queen Of The Two Lands (Isis & Osiris) 
  4. Bringer Of The River Waters (Taweret & Sobek) 

Forgotten Gods Boxed Sets

Jinx Paranormal Dating Agency 

Includes the books in the Speed Dating with the Denizens Of The Underworld (shared world
  1. Falling For A Love Goddess (Aine & Min) 
  2. Working For A Golden Goddess (Aphrodite & Damien) 
  3. Fake Dating A Sun God (Hannah & Ra) 
  4. Bastet (Bastet & Ptah, Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld) 
  5. Seth (Menhit & Seth, Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld) 
  6. Swipe Right For A Dawn God (Anise & Kuk, side story) 
  7. Baal (Chelsea & Baal, Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld) 
  8. Horus (Adelaide & Horus, Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld) 
  9. Kuaket (Kuaket & Abrax, Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld) 
  10. Snowed In With A Snow Goddess (Skadi & Erik) 
  11. One Night With A Music God (Mei & Chiguo), co-written with Arizona Tape
  12. Charming A Beach Goddess (Psamathe & Zale), part of the Summer Love Anthology
  13. Summer Fling With A Sea God (Bo & Neptune) 
While my books in the Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld books crossover with the characters in the Jinx Paranormal Dating Agency series, the speed dating itself happens in a sort of alternate world - i.e. the Aphrodite who runs the speed dating event in the shared world is not the same Aphrodite as from Dating A Golden Goddess. 

House Of Blood And Roses

Beatrice. There will be more books in the House Of Blood And Roses series than are currently listed.

Grimm Academy

Each book in the Grimm Academy series can be read on its own, but they all contain crossover characters and intertwined events. 
  1. Tower Of Thorns (Rapunzel, Rapunzel) 
  2. Spindles And Spells (Briar, Sleeping Beauty)
  3. Pumpkins And Proms (Ella, Cinderella) 
  4. Lilies Of Loss (Marigold, The Frog Prince) 
  5. Huntsmen And Hoods (Red, Little Red Riding Hood) 
  6. Glints Of Gold (Zerrin, Rumpelstiltskin) 
  7. Mirrors And Magic (Snow, Snow White) 
  8. Lamps And Lies (Aly, Aladdin) 
  9. Feathers Of Fate (Helena, The Goose Girl)
  10. Teller Of Tales (Azade, Arabian Nights, side story)
  11. The Almost Queen (Gwen, Guinevere & Lancelot) 
  12. The Rightful King (Dindrane, King Arthur) 
  13. Frosts And Fears (Gerda, The Snow Queen) 
  14. Song Of Seas (Mati, The Little Mermaid) 
  15. Roses Of Regret (Rose, Snow White and Rose Red) 
  16. Princess Of Petals (Astrid, Beauty and the Beast) 
  17. Princess Of Feathers (Elisa, The Wild Swans) 
  18. Princess Of Peas (Cordelia, The Princess and the Pea) 
  19. The Winter Ball (Audrey, Twelve Dancing Princesses) 
  20. Dance Of Daggers (Morgiana, Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves) 
  21. Whiskers and Wishes* (Kitty, Puss In Boots) 
  22. Slippers and Sugarplums* (Marie, The Nutcracker and the Mouse King) 

The Paranormal Council Universe

Each series in the Paranormal Council Universe can be read on its own. The series do contain cameos from previous characters and may reference past events, but you can pick and choose which you read without losing anything. 

If you want to read all of the books, there are two ways of doing it - you can either read the series in order, or you can follow the interactive timeline for the exact order of events. 

The Paranormal Council (complete series) 

  1. The Dryad's Pawprint (Lia & Kem) 
  2. The Vixen's Bark (Ari & Bjorn)
  3. The Necromancer's Prey (Rory & Alden) 
  4. The Bear's Claws (Nita & Vic) 
  5. The Familiar's Wings (Eliza & Ethan) 
  6. The Vampire's Bite (Eden & Tony) 
  7. Under Her Spell (Camille & Jesse, side story)
  8. The Witch's Stripes (Dana & Luke) 
  9. The Hunter's Potion (Mia & Felix) 
  10. The Banshee's Spark (Faye & Penny & Reese) 
  11. Catching Her Hare (Daisy & Brad, side story)
  12. Reluctant Dragon Mate (Dakota & Achilles) 
  13. Bewitched Incubus Mate (Rosie & Jim) 
  14. Forbidden Vampire Mate (Effie & Wendell) 
  15. The Hummingbird's Mate (Jenna & Baxter) 
  16. The Lion's Pride (Bex & Curtis) 
  17. The Reindeer's Spell (Reagan & Eustace) 
  18. Charming Her Mate (Molly & Drayce, side story)
  19. The Unicorn's Mane (Nathalie & Derek)  
  20. The Viper's Dream (Autumn & Nathir) 
  21. Resisting Her Shifter (Aella & Barker, side story)
  22. The Tortoise's Race (Jax & Stefan) 
Paranormal Criminal Investigations (Cassie, complete series) 
  1. Spell Caster 
  2. Familiar Magic (side story)
  3. Spell Tamer
  4. Spell Wielder 
  5. Spell Searcher 
The Necromancer Council (Cissy, complete series) 
  1. Blood and Deceit (Tabitha, standalone prequel) 
  2. Wake The Dead 
  3. Curse The Dead  
  4. Defy The Dead 

Untold Tales Series 

Each book in the series can be read as a complete standalone. Complete series.

The Dragon Duels

Raine, Complete Series
  1. Striking The Flint (prequel) 
  2. Stoking The Embers
  3. Igniting The Coals 
  4. Forging The Blaze
  5. Escaping The Chains (standalone) 

Beyond The Curse

Keira, Complete Series

Blackthorn Academy for Supernaturals

  1. Monster's Past (Anja & Cethin) 

Twin Souls Universe 

Co-written with Arizona Tape. Each series in the Twin Souls Universe can be read on its own. The series do contain cameos from previous characters and may reference past events, but you can pick and choose which you read without losing anything. 

Twin Souls (complete series) 
  1. Twin Souls Trilogy
  2. Dragon Soul
  3. Renegade Dragons

The Vampire Detective (Lucy, complete series) 
  1. Fangs For Nothing 
  2. What The Fangs
  3. Fangs For All 
  4. An Origin Tail

Amethyst's Wand Shop Mysteries Series (Amy) 
 There will be more books in the series than are listed.
  1. Glass and Sass (prequel) 
  2. Hexes and Vexes
  3. Witches and Stitches 
  4. Rites and Knights 
  5. Sparks and Marks 
  6. Doom and Broom 
  7. Potions and Oceans 
  8. Rhymes and Crimes
  9. Grave Mistake (Stacey & Gabriel Standalone)
  10. Spells and Bells
  11. Lances and Chances (side story) 
  12. Trials and Vials
  13. Cruises and Bruises
  14. Ties and Alibis
  15. Breaks and Mistakes
  16. Sessions and Confessions*
  17. Coming Soon. 

Twin Souls Universe Boxed Sets 

Purple Oasis

Co-written with Arizona Tape. All books in the series can be read as standalones. There will be more books in the Purple Oasis series than are currently listed.
  1. Shifter's Heart (Zoe & Aaron) 
  2. Witch's Lesson (Reese & Annabelle) 
  3. Witch's Memory (Hayley & Brandon) 
  4. Shifter's Truth (Stella & Carly)
  5. Mer's Journey (Ines & Susie) 
  6. Nymph's Storm (Eva & Ford) 
  7. Shifter's Escape (Morgan & Gus) 
  8. Witch's Warning (Max & Hugo)
  9. Witch's Frost (Amelia & Matisse, side story)
  10. Witch's Gift (Maddy & Elise, side story)
  11. Mage's Library (Penny & Lincoln) 
  12. Dryad's Blossom (Lila & Grey, side story) 
  13. Familiar's Dance (Cornelia & Tom) - part of the Fiction Fans and Ballgowns 2024 Anthology
  14. Familiar's Conflict (Duckie & Edith) - part of the Standing Proud: Indie Pride Anthology
  15. Coming Soon.

Revamped series: 
  1. The Tea Witch's Promise (Katie & Brew) 

Seven Wardens

Macey, Co-written with Skye MacKinnon. Complete series. 
  1. From the Deeps 
  2. Through the Storms (Amber, side story)
  3. Into the Mists 
  4. Beneath the Earth
  5. Within the Flames
  6. Above the Waves 
  7. Below the Baubles (holiday story)
  8. Under the Ice 
  9. Beyond the Loch (Nessie, prequel)
  10. Rule the Dark 
  11. Inside the Egg (HEA)  
Seven Wardens Boxed Sets: 

Mountain Shifters Universe

Co-written with Lainie Anderson. Each series in the Mountain Shifters Universe can be read on its own. The series do contain cameos from previous characters and may reference past events, but you can pick and choose which you read without losing anything. 

Valentine Pride (Leola, complete series)
  1. Unicorn Mates 
  2. Unicorn Luck 
  3. The Platypus and Her Wolves (April, side story) 
  4. Unicorn Truth

Magic and Metaphysics Academy (Lou, complete series) 
  1. Magical Mischief 
  2. Magical Mistake 
  3. Magical Misfit 

Mountain Shifters Boxed Sets

Firehouse Witches

Callie, Co-written with L.A. Boruff and Lacey Carter Andersen. Complete series.  

Kingdom Of Fairytales: Snow White

Co-written with J.A. Armitage. somplete Series. 
  1. Kingdom Of Fairytales Prequels
  2. Queen Of Reflections
  3. Heiress Of Mirrors
  4. Throne Of Wands
  5. Goddess Of Magic


No reading order - not set in any world.