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The Necromancer Council

Urban Fantasy Romance, Complete Series

An urban fantasy series that follows Narcissa (Cissy) as she rebuilds the Necromancer Council, only to have the worst possible thing come to pass. Part of The Paranormal Council Universe.

Series Overview: 
Point of View: single, third person
Point of View Character: Cissy (except prequel)
Heat Level: low
Relationship Type: m/f 
Build: medium
Cliffhangers: yes (complete series) 
Tense: past

Please note: The Necromancer Council series does deal with issues surrounding historic abuse of the main character. There are no vivid descriptions of what happened to her on page as it is not the intention to trigger. The series focuses on Cissy healing from the pain caused to her. If you have any concerns about reading the series and specific triggers you may have, please reach out. You can also read more on the background here

Wake the Dead Laura Greenwood The Necromancer Council Curse the Dead Laura Greenwood The Necromancer Council Defy the Dead Laura Greenwood The Necromancer Council Blood & Deceit Laura Greenwood     

Wake The Dead

Can she face her fears and lead her people?

The last thing Cissy wants is a position of power. She's seen what it does to people and has been the victim of it. But with the necromancers in disarray, all eyes are on her to do just that.

Finally giving in, she sets about bringing her people back into order. Except that there's a problem. Bodies are turning up, and the signs point to someone from Cissy's past. Someone she thought was dead...
Wake the Dead is book one of the Necromancer Council Trilogy, an urban fantasy series with a slow burn romantic sub-plot.

In a world of necromancers, the (un)dead, and all other kinds of shady types, it’s the living that are the most dangerous. Narcissa, or Cissy as she insists, knows that all too well. Scarred from a bad experience, she’s trying to get the control back over her life and part of her mission is to start the Necromancer Council. This first book is a wonderful introduction to the characters and part of Laura Greenwood’s impressively entangled paranormal world. Neither Cissy or the reader can escape her past, especially when it’s coming back to haunt her. The characters have to go through some painful and tough moments, but there’s also love, friendship, and light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a book with depth and I can’t wait to read the rest. This series is easily one of my favourites and I can’t recommend it enough. - Arizona Tape, USA Today Bestselling Author

Curse The Dead

The past is determined to catch up with Cissy, whether she wants it to or not. With the Necromancer Council back up and running, Cissy knows she should be giving it her full attention.

But with the person who haunts her nightmares on the loose, she's torn between her duty and her personal demons. The more she uncovers, the more twisted the plot against her seems to be.

With Darius by her side, she finally feels as if she's able to face everything head-on.
Curse The Dead is book two of the Necromancer Council series, an urban fantasy full of necromancers and with a slow burn m/f romance.

Defy The Dead

 The Necromancer Council is in trouble, and it's going to take Cissy everything she has to save it.

With Brendon on the run having taken another member of the Council hostage, the clock is ticking for them to get everything under control.

Can Cissy and the rest of the Council fix things before it's too late?


Defy The Dead is book three of the Necromancer Council series, an urban fantasy full of necromancers and with a slow burn m/f romance.

Blood and Deceit

Searching for answers is the main thing on Tabitha’s mind. But when an exchange of black market magic goes wrong, she finds herself entangled with a member of the High Council.

With her mate by her side, Tabitha finally finds what she’s looking for, only to discover it could change the balance of power in necromancer society...and not for the better.

Blood and Deceit is a standalone story set in the Paranormal Council Universe.

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The Necromancer Council Boxed Set

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