Free Books

It's always a risk to try a new author - which is why I have the following books available for free!

Shattered Illusions - book one of the completed Ashryn Barker Trilogy is an urban fantasy adventure with a low heat romance.
Catching A Vampire - book one of the completed Grimalkin Academy: Catacombs Trilogy is a light hearted paranormal academy book with a low heat romance.
The Dryad's Pawprint - book one of the completed Paranormal Council Series is a shifter romance with some steamy scenes.
Priestess Of Truth - a short story from the completed Forgotten Gods Series is a paranormal/fantasy romance based on Ancient Egyptian mythology.
Frost's Forfeit - a prequel to the Fae Queen Of Winter Series is a paranormal fantasy fae romance based on the legend of Jack Frost. 

 Shattered Illusions Catching A Vampire Grimalkin Academy Catacombs Laura Greenwood The Dryad's Pawprint The Paranormal Council Laura Greenwood Priestess Of Truth Forgotten Gods Laura Greenwood Frost's Forfeit Laura Greenwood

You can also get Glass Heart for free by signing up to my newsletter! This is a standalone urban fantasy.

glass heart free book urban fantasy Laura Greenwood