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The Black Fan

Paranormal Vampire Romance, Complete Series*

The Black Fan is a vampire romance series following vampire courtesans in the City Of Blood. Each book can be read as a standalone. Part of the Obscure World

Series Overview: 
Point of View: single, first person
Point of View Character: changes between books
Heat Level: low
Relationship Type: m/f
Build: fast
Cliffhangers: no 
Tense: present

*more may be added to the series at a future date, but for now all plot arcs are closed.

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Bite Of The Past

When Catherine encounters a man from her past, her life is turned upside down. 

Outcast from vampire society hundreds of years ago, Catherine hasn't let anyone stand in her way of succeeding. As one of the most successful madams in the City Of Blood, she's made a name for herself. 

But when she finds her first love in her waiting room, she is forced to confront the reasons she was thrown out of vampire society in the first place. 

Is Benedict worth risking her heart for a second time? 

Bite Of The Past is a second chance vampire paranormal romance. It can be read as a standalone and is set in the City Of Blood. 

Bite Of The Truth

When Sonia came to the city, she only intended to stay for a day. Now she's been living a secret life for months, and it's about to catch up with her. 

Sonia is determined to keep her true identity secret, while making a life for herself as receptionist of the Black Fan, and falling for vampire, Levi. 

When her boss asks a favour of her, the truth comes out, and she could end up losing everything. Can she stop the fallout before it's too late?


Bite Of The Truth is a secret identity vampire romance. It is part of the Black Fan series, and Sonia and Levi's complete romance.

Bite Of The Oath

When her brother's best friend asks her to pretend to be his fiancée, Bindi says yes, even though she knows she shouldn't.

Pretending to be madly in love with Julian is easy for her. Perhaps too easy, and she finds herself falling for the charming vampire for real.

Can they continue their charade without losing their hearts?


Bite Of The Oath is a fake fiancé(e) vampire romance and part of the Black Fan series. It is Bindi and Julian's complete story.

First Bite (Prequel to Bite Of The Past)

Constrained by the strict rules of vampire society, all Catherine can think of is falling in love.
When a charming noble asks her dance, all of her dreams start to come true. But as the daughter of a noble, Catherine has her duty to follow.
Can she follow her heart?
First Bite is the prequel to Bite Of The Past and follows Benedict & Catherine through their first chance. It doesn't include a HEA (that will come in Bite Of The Past)

First Truth (Prequel to Bite Of The Truth)

When Sonia arrives in the City of Blood she only has one thing on her mind. No matter how long it takes, she has to convince her sister to come home. 

After the door is closed on her several times, she realises it's going to take longer than she thinks. And if it is, then perhaps she should take up the offer of a date from a stranger in a bar after all...


First Truth is the prequel to Bite Of The Truth, part of the Black Fan series. It follows Sonia and Levi the first time they meet and leads into a secret identity vampire romance. First Truth ends in a happy-for-now, with the happy ever after following in the main book.

First Oath (Prequel to Bite Of The Oath)

When an old friend turns up at the Black Fan to see Bindi with a proposition, she finds herself unable to say no. 

While on Julian's arm at a Yuletide ball, Bindi finds herself back in a world she thought she'd escaped, only this time, she's pretending to be someone's girlfriend. 

Can she convince the vampire elite that she's Julian's girlfriend? Or will the whole plot unravel around them? 

First Oath is a fake fiancée vampire romance and a prequel to Bite Of The Oath, part of the Black Fan series. It follows Bindi and Julian as they go to their first engagement as a fake couple.

First Guard (Side Story to Bite Of The Guard)

The last thing Stacia needs is romance making things more complicated.
After being threatened at her latest movie premiere, she's paired with bodyguard, Jason, in order to keep her safe.
Sparks soon start to fly as the two vampires get to know one another more. All Stacia has to do is give in...
First Guard is a Black Fan story and features an m/f bodyguard vampire romance.

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