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Untold Tales

Fantasy Fairy Tale, Complete Series

A complete series of fantasy fairy tale retellings where the heroines aren't afraid to save themselves and each has a magical familiar. Each book can be read on its own.

Series Overview: 
Point of View: single, first person
Point of View Character: changes between books
Heat Level: low
Relationship Type: m/f 
Build: fast
Cliffhangers: no
Tense: past

 Balanced Scales Untold Tales Little Mermaid Retelling Urban Fantasy Laura Greenwood Golden Wings Laura Greenwood Untold Tales Fairy Tale Thumbelina Poisoned Fate Untold Tales Laura Greenwood Kingdom of Villains and Vengeance Tainted Ashes Untold Tales Fairy Tale Retelling Dragons and Mages Laura Greenwood Cinderella Braided Silver Laura Greenwood Untold Tales Fractured Core Untold Tales fairy tale Snow White Kingdom of Crowns and Glory

Balanced Scales

A shipwreck leads to the thing mermaids most fear...

Mari has joined the ranks of the soulless mer, cursed to disappear when they die and not live on in the spirit world. There's only one way to stop it but that involves something no one has ever managed before. With the aid of her shape-shifting pet seal, a rescued sailor, and the spirit of a man she can't even see, Mari ventures onto land for the first time in her life, determined to save the souls of her people. 
But the land of men comes with many dangers, and not all her allies can be trusted. Can she restore what's been stolen and right the balance between land and sea once more? Or will she doom herself for eternity...
A standalone story inspired by the Little Mermaid. An Untold Tales Fairy Tale Retelling.

Golden Wings

Wings are the only thing that'll get her accepted... 

Lina has always been made to feel like an outcast with her wingless status, but she meets a real life faerie, she starts to dream of more. Her desires are cut short when she catches the eye of creatures much more dark and deadly. 
To earn her wings, she has to survive. Has she got what it takes?
A standalone story inspired by Thumbelina. An Untold Tales Fairy Tale Retelling.

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Poisoned Fate

Not all evil comes from a bad place... 

After making a promise to a dying king, Katya molded herself into the person she needed to be to forge a hero. With her best friend raising an army against her, and the people ready to rebel, she has the pieces where she needs them to be. 

If only she can bring herself to complete the puzzle and force a princess to become the person she needs to be. 

Poisoned Fate is part of the Untold Tales series of fantasy retold fairy tales and focuses on Snow White's Evil Queen. 

Tainted Ashes

Tanwyn has always known her station in life, especially with the Duchess ruling her life. 
A chance encounter with the Prince changes everything, and Tanwyn finds herself having to foil a plot, with only the help of her dragon familiar, Dart, to do it. 
Can she save the Prince by midnight?
Tainted Ashes is a fantasy retelling of Cinderella and part of the Untold Tales series.

Braided Silver

There's power in Silver Blood...

Cosette has never known the reason she's been locked in a tower her whole life, but what she does know is a way out. Sneaking down to the village and meeting up with her handsome stranger is the only way she stays sane. 

But when she's captured along with others who have Silver Blood, she finds herself at Court, and a world filled with magic, danger and intrigue, and a competition to snare a Prince she doesn't want. 

The only way she'll go back to her tower, is if she's forced... 

Braided Silver is a standalone fantasy romance and part of the Untold Tales series. It has an m/f relationship and is based on Rapunzel.

Fractured Core

She's determined to regain her throne, no matter what it takes.  

Lucia wasn't raised to be a warrior, but it might be the only way to get her kingdom back from the sister-in-law who stole it. When a forgein prince turns up claiming he's going to marry her, and the assassination attempts from the queen increase in number, Lucia has to face that regaining her crown won't be as easy as she wanted it to be. 
Fractured Core is part of the Untold Tales series of fantasy retold fairy tales and is based on Snow White. 

Boxed Sets:

 Untold Tales Laura Greenwood Untold Tales Laura Greenwood Untold Tales Laura Greenwood  

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