Forgotten Gods

The Forgotten Gods Series is based on Ancient Egyptian Mythology. Each of the books can be read as standalones. They are part of the Forgotten Gods Universe.

Protectors of Poison Forgotten Gods Zodiac Shifters Laura Greenwood Daughter of the Sun Laura Greenwood Sterling Legrand Carnay Servant of Chaos Laura Greenwood Forgotten Gods Egyptian Mythology Forgotten Gods Ancient Egyptian Mythology paranormal fantasy romance m/f

Protectors of Poison

Sera is used to being forgotten and is happy to be, even if her healing powers have waned in the years since people forgot her real name. 

Everything changes when a minor god turns up and reveals her scorpions are being blamed for a poisoning. Determined to prove her innocence, Sera must take her place as a goddess once more and uncover the plot threatening to destroy her. 

Protectors of Poison can be listened to as a stand-alone story and is based on ancient Egyptian mythology.

Audiobook - Narrated by Sabrina Sterling

Priestess of Truth

Priestess, Edrice, never gave too much thought about when she'd find her soulmate. Until she goes to a local fair and meets a tarot reader who reveals she's already met the Leo who'd complete her life. Her thoughts turn to High Priest and lion-shifter, Menefer, but can she give in to them?

Can a matchmaking goddess and a tarot reader convince Edrice to follow her heart?


Priestess of Truth is a short story set in the Forgotten Gods Universe and based on Egyptian mythology.

Daughter of the Sun

The goddess of vengeance must choose between revenge and love.

Trapped by an ancient curse, Sekhmet has been away from the world for thousands of years. Now free, she faces the ultimate challenge. If she takes the revenge she craves, she'll be trapped as a sphinx forever. Can she manage to resist the thing she was created for?
Daughter of the Sun is a standalone story set in the Forgotten Gods Universe.

Daughter of the Sun is exclusive to Summer Solstice: Universal

Audiobook - Narrated by Sterling LeGrand-Carney

Servant of Chaos

One slave is all it takes to turn the tide. 

Rhodopis has lived most of her life as a slave to the god of chaos, knowing there wasn't a way her life could have been better. But a visiting god and his priests changes all that, and she learns that there's more to life than servitude. 

Can she follow her heart, or is she destined to be a slave forever? 

Servant of Chaos is a standalone in the Forgotten Gods Universe and is loosely based on the legend of Rhodopis and other Egyptian mythology.

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Forgotten Gods Boxed Set

Enter the world of the Egyptian Goddesses in the complete Forgotten Gods series. 

Fall in love with gods and uncover twisted plots alongside Serket, Sekhmet, and Rhodopis. 

Three standalone paranormal/fantasy romances based on Ancient Egyptian mythology. 

The Complete Forgotten Gods Series Includes: 

- Protectors of Poison
- Priestess of Truth (a Forgotten Gods short story) 
- Daughter of the Sun
​​​​​​​- Servant of Chaos

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