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Paranormal & Fantasy Academy Books


Read on to find out more about my paranormal & fantasy academy books! 


The Obscure World is an open urban fantasy & paranormal romance where humans and supernaturals all know about one another. Supernaturals came out in the open in the 1800s (shortly after the events of The Shifter Season series). 

  • Scythe Grove Academy (complete series) is a reaper academy located near Scarborough and on the edge of the North Yorkshire Moors. The series follows Syxe, an 18-year-old reaper as she discovers that she grew up in a cult that hid her reaper heritage from her...and now they want her back. 
  • Stonerest Academy (up-coming series) is a fae academy in Scotland. The series follows Frankie, who takes her sister's place at the elite fae academy and is determined to earn her place in the Wild Hunt. (Her sister is Essie from Trading Names For Polite Fae, part of the Obscure Academy series). 
  • Sabre Woods Academy (complete series) is a big cat shifter academy located by Dartmoor in the south of England. The series follows Kayra, the daughter of the current Shifter Queen, as she takes her place as the Shifter Heir and finds herself in the middle of a big change. 
  • Grimalkin Academy (complete series) is an academy for witches, warlocks, and vampires, located near Uttoxeter in the Midlands. The Grimalkin Academy series follows best friends Mona and Daphne as they deal with Mona's curse that creates kittens every time she does magic, and Daphne's search for an old family spell. It is also the setting for Grimalkin Vampires (complete series) which follows former vampire hunter Lily as she enrolls in the vampire part of the academy along with her vampire bodyguard and ends up foiling a plot to take out the head of the local vampire den. 
  • Harker Academy (up-coming series) is a vampire enforcer academy located in Whitby. The series follows Molly, a vampire who has wanted to join the enforcers since she was small and her parents were killed by a rogue vampire. 
  • Obscure Academy (up-coming series) is a mixed supernatural academy located in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. The series follows various students at the academy as they deal with a range of problems, both supernatural in nature, and not! 


The Grimm World is a fantasy romance world where characters from fairy tales and legends attend Grimm Academy and try to avoid their fairy tales from coming true. 
  • Grimm Academy (complete series) follows Briar (Sleeping Beauty), Ella (Cinderella), Red (Red Riding Hood), Snow (Snow White), Aly (Aladdin), and Gerda (The Snow Queen) 
  • Fate Of The Crown (complete series) follows Gwen & Lancelot, and Arthur & Dindrane (The Legends of King Arthur) 
  • Once Upon An Academy (complete series) follows Rapunzel (Rapunzel), Marigold (The Frog Prince), Zerrin (Rumplestiltskin), Matilda (The Little Mermaid), Rose (Snow White & Rose Red), and Helena (The Goose Girl) 
  • The Princess Competition (up-coming series) follows Astrid (Beauty & the Beast), Elisa (The Six/Seven Swans), and Cordelia (The Princess & the Pea)