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Excerpt: Reluctant Dragon Mate (MatchMater Paranormal Dating App #1)

If you're looking for a little bit of light-hearted banter and fun romance, look no further than my complete MatchMater Paranormal Dating App series! I never planned for there to be more than one book in the series, but I had so much fun with Achilles and Dakota that there had to be a second one! Read on for an excerpt!
Copyright 2019 Laura Greenwood

"Do you have your keys?" the handsome dragon asked.
She giggled. "Why wouldn't I?"
He sighed. "Because you're drunk."
Why was he so mean when they both might still be having fun. Apparently, grumpy dragons didn't like enjoying themselves. "Maybe I can make you a not-grumpy dragon," she murmured aloud without meaning to.
"I didn't say anything," she responded hastily. "Nothing at all."
"You realise I can hear everything you're saying. My kind come with super hearing."
"No they don't," she slurred, trying to focus her vision so she could make him out properly. Why wasn't he standing still? That would help her. A lot.
"Yes, we do. How do you plan on making me a not-grumpy dragon?" he asked.
"Sex!" she shouted. "We can do that again."
A light in one of the windows opposite came on, but she brushed away the nosey neighbours. What did they care if she was going to get it on with a sexy dragon shifter?
"We're not having sex again. Let's get you inside." He took the bag off her shoulder, his fingers grazing against the skin of her shoulder and sending zings of pleasure throughout her.
"But why not? It was good."
"It was good," he admitted, though she could tell it was begrudgingly.
"Then why?"
He fit the key into her lock.
Heh. He'd done that last night too.
"You know why." He ushered her inside with a gentle hand on the small of her back.
"Being a witch sucks," she announced the moment she was inside, flopping to the floor and sitting cross-legged in the middle of her hallway.
"I can see your underwear," Achilles said, the low growl not completely gone from his tone.
"Maybe that's the point." It hadn't been intentional, but it wasn't like he hadn't seen it already.
"I don't remember you being this blurt-out-what-you're-thinking last night." He locked the door behind the two of them.
"That's because I wasn't drunk last night," she pointed out. Though she had been drinking. But just one glass. Any effects had worn off long before he'd arrived at her house. At least, she hoped they had. She didn't want him thinking that she was some kind of lush.
"And when you're drunk you flash random men?" He raised an eyebrow.
"You're not a random man though, are you?"
"I'm as good as. You don't know me, Dakota."
"Then let me get to know you," she suggested. If she'd had more sense, she'd have winked at him. She wasn't normally so much of a tease, but something about him brought it out of her, and she didn't even have any control over the matter.
"I don't think that's a good idea," he warned.
"Oh, quite the contrary, it's an excellent idea." She struggled to her feet, using the wall to steady herself and hoping he didn't notice.
Achilles shook his head and stepped forward, scooping her off her feet and carrying her down the hall.
"Put me down, I'm not some damsel in distress," she insisted, wriggling in his arms just enough to cause a nuisance, but not enough to actually make him put her down. She rather liked the warm cocoon his embrace brought.
"I know you're not, but right now, I'm going to get you safely into bed and then you don't hurt yourself."
"Into bed? That sounds good." She walked her fingers across his chest, feeling the heat emanating from him.
"Aww, you're no fun. Why can't you just come with me? Not even to sleep?" She batted her eyelashes, hoping it would entice him into the bed with her.
"No. You're going alone."
"What if I made a pile of treasure? Would you come then?"
He chuckled, the sound vibrating her entire body. "Is there a reason to suspect it would?"
"You're a dragon. Dragon's like treasure."
He turned around a little too fast for her liking, pushing her bedroom door open and ushering the two of them inside.
"For someone who claims not to be interested in me, I do believe you just carried me over the threshold." A giggle escaped from her. She couldn't wait to tell the girls about this in the morning. Neither of them would believe her. Or believe that he was still refusing to sleep with her.
"That was a necessity," he growled.
"Oh, keep going, I want you to rock my world," she teased, enjoying herself more and more with every moment.
"I already did that."
"Once was not enough," she announced proudly, waving her arms around.
"Last I checked, it was five."
"Four and a half."
"Now you're just trying to goad me." He held her above the bed. It felt kind of weird, but she didn't want to draw his attention to it in case he decided to put her down again.
"Is it working?" She'd cross her fingers, but she feared that might be too obvious.
"Almost, but not quite. You're going to have to try harder." A low chuckle hid under his words and a deep sense of satisfaction filled her. Despite what he was claiming, she was starting to wear him down. Maybe he really would let them end up in bed together. Or maybe it was just wishful thinking on her part, it was hard to tell.
"If I remember correctly, you were the one that was hard."
"You're incorrigible."
"Why thank you." She beamed up at him.
"That wasn't a compliment," he muttered so quietly, she wasn't even sure she was supposed to hear it.
"I know. I'm going to take it as one though."
He rolled his eyes and shook his head in bemusement as he lowered her down onto the bed.

MatchMater Paranormal Dating App

Paranormal Romance, Complete Series

A complete paranormal romance series following users of a MatchMater Dating App to find their fated mates. Each book can be read as a standalone. Part of The Paranormal Council Universe

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Heat Level: Low - Relationship Type: m/f - Build: Fast - Point of View Character: Dual third person POV, changes between books - Cliffhangers: No - Tense: Past

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