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August 2022 Update


Even though there hasn't been a huge amount of change since last month, I decided that I am going to make this a monthly thing so I can keep everyone as up to date as possible! As normal, I'm just working hard on all the books and making sure there's lots of typing happening. 

August is going to be a hectic month, and there may be times when I'm not around as much. After attending a friend's wedding last month, I'll now be off to attend another friend's wedding again! And Books on the Beach - Blackpool 2022 is finally happening! I'm so excited about that! 

If a series you're interested in doesn't appear on this list, please feel free to ask about it - the chances are that it's already complete! 



  • Broomstick Bakery: book 1 (The Cupcake Witch) continues as the newsletter serial this month. A side story (The Pastry Warlock) just released in the Hope Books on the Beach Anthology. There will be four main books in this series. 
  • Obscure Academy: book 1 (Shifting Forms For Clumsy Felines) releases this month and I couldn't be more excited! Book 3 (Flipping Tails For Seasick Mermaids) is also now available for pre-order. A short version of the book was available in Wishes and Waves, but there will be more content when it re-releases. You may also have noticed that the Obscure Dates/Obscure World: Holidays series has disappeared from the graphic. That's because they've been moved into the Obscure Academy series (they'll be having rebrands soon!) as side stories. A new one released this month in the free Dragons and Drakes anthology called Bonfire Night For Flammable Dragons. I have no set number of books planned for the Obscure Academy series, but can confirm it will be more than 6. 
  • Stonerest Academy: books 1-3 (all that are planned) will release later this year. I'm currently working on a companion story freebie. 
  • Harker Academy: books 1-2 are currently available for pre-order for early 2023. Closer to release, book 3 (the final book) will go on pre-order. 
  • The Princess Competition: book 1 (Princess Of Petals) is set to release in October, followed by book 2 (Princess Of Feathers)'s re-release in December (it was previously in Curses and Crowns). Book 3 (the final book) will release in 2023. There may be another Grimm World series after this one, but dates are not confirmed yet. 


  • Speed Dating with the Denizens of the Underworld shared world is continuing this month! My first book, Bastet, released during July, but I have more to come! Watch this space!
  • Amethyst's Wand Shop Mysteries (co-written with Arizona Tape): book 7 (Rhymes and Crimes) will release next month. Book 8 (Spells and Bells) is also available for pre-order. There will be at least 9 books in this series, probably more. Grave Mistake (Stacey & Gabriel's book) is now going to be a standalone within the Amethyst's Wand Shop Mysteries series rather than the start of their own. We have some exciting things planned for Stacey & Gabriel, but we feel that we'll be able to give everything the attention it deserves better by making this change for now. 
  • Purple Oasis (co-written with Arizona Tape): book 5 (Shifter's Truth) released yesterday, and book 6 (Nymph's Storm) will release later this month. While we previously thought book 6 would be the end (and admittedly that book 5 would be the end before that), we're having too much fun with the world and the interesting lore we've created and plan on doing more  - we even have another paranormal type being introduced into the world (you might have met her already if you've read Shifter's Truth!) 
  • Tales Of Clan Robbins (co-written with L.A. Boruff): if you've pre-ordered on Apple, Nook, or Kobo, then you'll be getting a notification of delayed release this month. We're working on the series, but haven't finalised release dates yet. 
  • Twin Souls (Soulshift, Soulswap, & Soultrade), Dragon Soul (Dragon Heart, Dragon Outcast, & Dragon Destiny) and Renegade Dragons (Fifth Soul, Fifth Round, & Fifth Flame), all co-written with Arizona Tape, are now listed under one series on retailers (and shortly everywhere else). This is to streamline our series and put all of our dragon romances set in the same world (and with cross over characters) in one place! The only change is that the Dragon Soul books are now in the order that events occur in the books (which has never been the case before!) 


  • The Black Fan: I'm currently working on some changes for the three existing books planned to up the heat level a little (to bring it in line with the fact the books are about vampire courtesans) and to make them dual point of view). I'll be posting once I've done it! After that, I'm hoping to release books 4-6. 
  • Carnival Of Blades: This has got to be one of my most asked about series! I still plan on writing it, but the plot issues I had are still causing some issues. My hope is that Harker Academy, which deals with some similar parts of The Obscure World, will help me bridge the gap and be able to put a date on Knives Of Justice. 
  • Rosewood Academy: If you missed my post from last week, Rosewood Academy is going to be coming off sale on 31st August and having a complete rework to change it from contemporary to paranormal. This will allow me to finally be able to allow the necessary time to writing book 2.