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Excerpt: Harpy's Escape (Supernatural Retrieval Agency #2)

This teaser comes from book two in the complete Supernatural Retrieval Agency series, but that's because it includes one of my favourite parts of writing this series - the friendship between cupid, Pippa, and the main couple! Read on for a teaser.

Copyright 2021 Laura Greenwood

Pippa sets a mug down in front of me and perches on my desk.
"Thanks." I pick it up and put it in a safer place where I don't risk knocking it off while doing my paperwork.
"So, how was your date?" she asks in a sing-song voice.
"What date?"
Her mouth falls open. "Have you two not been on a date yet?"
"If you mean me and Elias, then no, we haven't."
"But I thought he owed you home-cooking."
"He does. But there hasn't been time." I wave my arm at the huge stack of paperwork on my desk, our so-called punishment for not making any arrests at the house where Regina was being held captive.
I don't know why we're the ones being blamed when there was no one there to be arrested and everyone's reports of the situations say the same thing, but that's what's happening.
"I'm not going to have to sit here and watch the two of you pine for each other am I?" she asks dramatically.
I let out a light laugh. "Would that really be so bad?"
Pippa shakes her hand in a so-so gesture. "Don't get me wrong, the energy the two of you are giving off is delicious..."
"Excuse me?" I can't keep the shock out of my voice.
"Oh, right. Cupid magic. I feed off love energy."
I narrow my eyes. "I'm not in love."
She shrugs. "There are many kinds of love. You two are in that pre-love stage which is all confusing and loud. I'd really like you to start dating properly so I can stop snacking and start having decent meals at work."
"Do you always refer to love as food?" I raise an eyebrow.
"I need it to live, so it is kind of food."
"So cupids are love-vampires," I mutter.
"Hey, that's offensive to both cupids and vampires. We're completely separate beings. We're all...ahhhh." She clasps her hands over her heart. "And they're all...grrr." She puts her fingers up to her mouth and pretends to have fangs.
"I've met plenty of nice vampires," I offer.
"And I've met plenty of not-very-nice cupids. It still doesn't mean we're the same," she points out.
"Thankfully. I don't think you'd be very good at your job if you couldn't go out in daylight."
"Which is why you'll find a lot more vampires pulling the night shifts. It's nice to have them on the force, to be honest. Can you imagine having to work overnight on a regular basis?" She fake shudders at the thought. "No thank you. I need my sleep."
"We still work nights," I point out.
"Oh, I know. But only when there's something specific we need to do. Most of the time, we get to stick to the daytime. Just the way I like it."
"You're nothing like I'd expect a cupid to be," I admit, though if I think about it, perhaps that's not true. She's bubbly, always has a smile for everyone, and makes truly terrible coffee. They all do feel like cupid traits.
Pippa raises an eyebrow. "Are you implying that we're all the same?"
"No. But you have to admit that some of our species characteristics do influence our personalities," I say.
"Hmm. True. But it's still not great to tar everyone in with the same brush," she warns.
"True. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have done that."
"Apology accepted. So long as you make sure you go on that date soon. I really do need more of a top-up than what the two of you are giving me right now."
I let out a low chuckle. "I promise I'll make sure Elias takes me out."
"Out where?" the subject of our discussion asks as he walks through the door.
"For dinner, I believe. Pippa is acting like our fairy godmother or something."
"Pfft. Don't insult me by comparing me to one of those quacks. I know ten times more than they do about love." Pippa hops off my desk and goes to her own, plonking herself down as if truly mad about the comment.


Supernatural Retrieval Agency 

Urban Fantasy Romance, Complete Series

This is an urban fantasy series about a new member of the Supernatural Retrieval Agency as she learns how to help keep the peace between supernaturals and humans. Part of the Obscure World.

Series Overview: 
Heat Level: Medium - Relationship Type: m/f - Build: Medium - Point of View Character: Single first person POV, same throughout the books - Cliffhangers: Yes (complete series) - Tense: Present

Accidental Cupid (Pippa's story) is currently part of the A Wicked Night Anthology.

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