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July Update

I'll preface it all by saying that I'm working really hard to bring the best books and series possible within reasonable timeframes, and I really appreciate everyone's support and understanding - particularly when I have to move dates and make changes. Anyway, please read on for updates about on-going and up-coming series (including co-writes) and the projects I promise I haven't forgotten about!

If your favourite series (or a series you're interested in!) isn't on the list, then chances are high that it's already complete - but please feel free to ask!


  • Cauldron Coffee Shop: if you missed my post a few days ago, then basically, this is no longer going to be a three-book series. I couldn't keep to that and give a satisfying end to Willow and Azíl. I think it's probably going to end up at 6 books in total, but I'll know for sure once I've finished wrapping up Peppermint Tea And Nothing Is Free (book 3) later this month. Book 4 (Cinnamon Cocoa And Far To Go) is now up for pre-order, while Hazelnut Latte And Something To Say (book 2) releases on Thursday.
  • The Shifter Season: Book 3 (The Stag and the Baroness) is coming in early September (subject to change, but not by much!), and there will be smaller gaps between the rest of the books in the series than there was between books 1 & 2! Thank you all so much for the response to The Peacock and the Wallflower, I loved writing for Laurence and Esther, but to know that people have loved their story is really special for me. Each book is a standalone, and I currently have 8 with a potential 9th planned. I also have some time planned in to work on Denise's story (The Lady and the Rabbit) which will be posted for free in The Paranormal Council & sent to my mailing list!
  • The Apprentice Of Anubis: book 5 (Priestess Of The Tombs) is coming next month, and book 6 (Creator Of The Curse) is up for pre-order at the moment (releasing in September). I'm not sure how many books there are going to be in this series yet - every time I think I've got a handle on it, Ani & Nik tell me something about a future adventure of theirs. At the moment, there will probably be 12 books (I have stuff written for three plot arcs already), and I do know what their end is - kind of, because it also could be a new beginning. For those of you who love Neffie (and based on messages I've gotten, it's a lot of people!) I just released Feline Of Mourning, a Neffie story set during the events of Secrets Of The Chosen (it can be read as a standalone). I haven't ruled out a series with Neffie as the main character, but it won't be happening yet.
  • Forgotten Gods: book 7 (Serpent of the Crown) releases next month, and you can now get book one (Protectors Of Poison) for free! This series doesn't have an end date (at least not until I run out of gods...which is very far away!) Each book can be read as a standalone.


  • Broomstick Bakery: If you're part of mailing list, then you may already be getting the weekly chapters of book 1 (The Cupcake Witch). It'll release as a full book in October, followed by the re-release of book 2 (The Macaron Witch) which was previously in Eat Your Heart Out 2. Books 3 (The Gingerbread Witch) & 4 (The Baklava Witch) will follow soon after. A side story featuring the sisters' brother, Ash, releases in the Hope anthology later this month. The series won't be any longer than that as there aren't anymore siblings (and their cousin is Willow from Cauldron Coffee Shop, so she already has her own story!)
  • Obscure Academy: Book one (Shifting Forms For Clumsy Felines) is coming next month, and you can currently read the first act of book 3 (Flipping Tails For Seasick Mermaids) in Wishes and Waves (it has a HFN ending! There's just going to be another plot arc when I re-release!) and book 4 (Potion Making For Disastrous Witches) in Midnight Magic. I don't have an end date for this series as it has way outperformed what I expected in pre-order (a huge thank you to everyone!) and there are lots of chatty side characters. Each book is a standalone, so I'm just letting them do their thing. Drinking Blood For Squeamish Vampires (book 2) and Trading Names For Polite Sprites (book 5) are also up for pre-order.
  • Stonerest Academy: This is three planned books and features fae in an academy setting with familiars and lots of action. Dates are still a little subject to change, but I plan for it to start in October and be complete by January. I will also be releasing a prequel in the next few months to give you a taste of the series.
  • Harker Academy: Has three planned books and is loosely inspired by Gothic literature in tone, featuring vampires. Dates are still subject to change but I plan on the series starting in January and being complete by April.
  • The Princess Competition: This is a sub-series of Grimm Academy and has three planned books. There may be another sub-series of Grimm Academy after it, but I haven't decided on dates for that one yet. For The Princess Competition, book one releases in October, and I plan for it to be complete by March.


  • Speed Dating With The Denizens Of The Underworld Shared World: My first book in the series, Bastet, released yesterday and I'm so excited! All of the books in the series (not just mine) are standalones with their own HEA, so you can dive in without any cliffhangers to worry about. I will be writing at least two more books on my own in the series that include characters you've already met in Bastet (I know a few people have already mentioned Menhit to me - I can confirm she's the FMC in my second book, and was always meant to be!) BUT I won't just be writing books on my own in the series, I also have some co-written books planned based on Chinese mythology (which may give who my is co-author away!)
  • Amethyst's Wand Shop Mysteries, co-written with Arizona Tape: book 7 (Rhymes and Crimes) releases in September. We're not sure how many books Amy and Ambrose will have, but it will be at least 9. They have a lot to say! The books will continue to be standalone crimes.
  • The Necromancer Morgue Mysteries: When Arizona Tape and I set the date for book one of Stacey & Gabriel's series, we thought we were going to be done with Amy & Ambrose, but the only thing that will affect is the timeline (in all likelihood, we will probably end up alternating between the two). We have at least three books planned for Stacey & Gabriel (and they're going to be SO much fun, we have so many plans for them already), but there's a chance there will be more. Amy & Ambrose, and Stacey & Gabriel will continue to appear in each others' series too (though the mystery plots will always be separate.)
  • Purple Oasis, co-written with Arizona Tape: book 4 (Witch's Memory) is coming next week! We've previously said that this is a five book series, but we did some world building that we really want to explore a bit more, so there will definitely be a book 6 (Nymph's Storm). Book six will likely be the end, but there is a small chance of more.
  • Tales Of Clan Robbins (on-going): L.A. Boruff & I have been making plans for books 2 & 3 and will have more to share on it soon! We love Loxley's story and are excited to be working on it again.
  • My talented co-author L.A. Boruff, has changed her pen name on Valentine Pride, Magic and Metaphysics Academy, and Goddess Of Virtue to Lainie Anderson. There have been no changes to the books or listings (other than the paperbacks which require new ones), it's just a change of name.



  • Obscure Dates (previously Obscure World: Holidays) has had an update this week adding a second POV to each of the two existing books to bring it into line with the linked series (Obscure Academy). The plotlines haven't changed. I am currently working on the next one in the series (Bonfire Nights For Flammable Dragons) which will be coming very soon, and I'll be releasing another Obscure Dates story (Her Wedding Weasel) in Eat Your Heart Out 3.
  • The Black Fan: I've had a few people ask me about this one (not a problem! I'm always happy to answer questions!) At the moment, there are no loose plot threads, so the series is complete-ish. Saying that, I do want to add the books I originally planned as part of the series still, but I want to make some minor changes to the existing books before I do. The plotlines themselves won't change, but I intend to add a second point of view (something I've been experimenting with more recently) and increasing the heat level a little in order to offset some of the disconnect between the subject matter and the current lack of heat. I'm hoping that making the changes will give the series a much needed boost, and make it easier for me to write book 4 by switching the focus away from the darker aspects of the setting. I don't have any firm dates on when this will be done yet though.
  • Carnival Of Blades: I don't have any dates for this one yet, the plot is still a bit of a problem for me and I'm trying to unravel it before I commit to anything to avoid disappointment. But I'm still thinking and working on it in the background.
  • Rosewood Academy: This is a complete passion project for me, especially as the books are contemporary (which is off genre for me!) I do plan on writing more books in the series, but I won't have dates for them until they're done. But watch this space!

That's it for now, but if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask!