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Mountain Shifters

Paranormal Romance, Complete Series

A completed paranormal romance series following unicorn-shifter, Leola, and her mountain lions. Co-written with Lainie Anderson.

Series Overview: 
Point of View: single, first person
Point of View Character: Leola (1-3), April (4), Lou (5-7)
Heat Level: high
Relationship Type: poly
Build: fast
Cliffhangers: no (1-4), yes (5-7)
Tense: past

Unicorn Mates Valentine Pride L.A. Boruff Laura Greenwood Paranormal Romance Shifters Unicorn Luck Valentine Pride Laura Greenwood L.A. Boruff paranormal romance shifter romance Unicorn Truth Valentine Pride L.A. Boruff Laura Greenwood Paranormal Romance Shifters The Platypus and Her Wolves Laura Greenwood L.A. Boruff Valentine Pride paranormal romance 
Magical Mischeif Magic and Metaphysics Academy Paranormal Witches L.A. Boruff Laura Greenwood Magical Mistake Magic and Metaphysics Academy Paranormal Witches L.A. Boruff Laura Greenwood Magical Misfit Magic and Metaphysics Academy ParanormalWitches L.A. Boruff Laura Greenwood

Unicorn Mates

A chance encounter with a trio of mountain lions changes Leola's life for good...

Leola has always known she was different, but even she didn't realize how much. Discovering the shifter community for the first time, Leola finally finds somewhere she can belong. All she needs to do is accept the mating bond with the shifters who want her.

Can she submit to the desires building inside her?

Unicorn Luck

Leola and her lions are all settled in their new life…until a visitor from the past changes all that. 

With her lion shifters by her side, Leola begins to uncover the truth about her parents’ fate. Her trust in everything will be put to the test when she comes face to face with the person who orphaned her. 

Can she forgive the one person who changed her life forever?

Unicorn Truth

Leola thought she had the answers to her past, but soon discovers that's not the case. 

When mysterious presents keep showing up, Leola and her mates know that something isn't right. But the truth behind the situation turns out to be even stranger than they originally thought. Leola will do everything she can to protect her family, especially now they have a cub of their own. 

Can she figure out who is behind the perceived threats? Or is it too late...

The Platypus And Her Wolves

Platypus shifter, April, always assumed there were more shifters than just her, but has never been able to find them.

Until three wolves turn up at her door, determined to take her back to the mountain and the rest of the shifters there. But April has dreams, and won’t be so easy to convince, even if they are her fated mates.

Will she deny fate, or will she give in to the pull between them?

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Magical Mischief 

The first day at a new academy is never easy, especially not for Lou.

Home-schooled until she was eighteen, she's now facing academy for the first time with no idea what to expect. With eccentric dorm mates, frenemies coming out of her ears, and the most popular guys in school showing interest in her, Lou starts to feel like she's in over her head.

Does she have what it takes to survive her time at the academy?

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Magical Mistake

Playing both sides is never easy, especially when one of them is the hottest clique at the academy.

Magic and Metaphysics Academy wasn't what Lou expected. She never expected to become one of the most popular girls there, and now she's getting more attention than ever. Just not from the people she wants.

Can she manage to keep her friends and her sanity? Or is she going to lose it all?

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Magical Misfit

With the academy against her, Lou has to prove she can be trusted, even to those she cares about the most.

Determined to clear her name and defeat her unlikely enemy, but controlled by a book at every turn, it takes Lou and her allies everything they have to break Estelle's hold on the academy.

Can Lou save the day while completing her mating bonds and keeping her friendships intact? Or is the Magic and Metaphysics Academy doomed?

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Boxed Set

Valentine Pride L.A. Boruff Laura Greenwood Magic and Metaphysics Academy L.A. Boruff Laura Greenwood