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Important Update: Secret Santa For Grumpy Elves & Blind Dates For Lonely Gorgons

I'm about to start work on the next Obscure Dates book (more on that soon!) which got me thinking about something I've been wanting to do for the existing two. Originally, both Obscure Dates and Obscure Academy (the series have interlinked characters) were going to be single point of view books, but over the course of writing the first few Obscure Academy books, I realised that series would benefit from dual point of view.

Which brings me to Obscure Dates. As it's a similar set up, I thought that it might also benefit from dual point of view, and when I started plotting the next book, I realised that was definitely the case. 

Instead of leaving the two earlier books so they didn't match the rest of the series, I've updated them so they now each have two chapters from the love interest's points of view! Nothing has changed in the storyline, the chapters have just been reworked into the alternative point of view (you can still read the original chapters via my website!) 

But I'm aware that a LOT of people have the Obscure Dates books already. So, to make it easy, you can download the new versions of the chapters here! 

For Secret Santa For Grumpy Elves (chapters 2 & 7 from Chris' point of view):

For Blind Dates For Lonely Gorgons (chapters 5 & 8 from Evander's point of view):

I can't wait to share the next one with you!