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Escaping The Chains Extra Information

Escaping The Chains Extra Information

Escaping The Chains is a standalone in the Dragon Duels world and has a slightly different feel to the other books. Please know that it is never my intention to trigger anyone, and if you're worried about any of the contents of the book, please reach out to me before reading, I will answer any questions. 

This book contains strong themes of domestic abuse and should be read with caution. 

Here are some questions and answers that might help you decide whether this is the book for you. 

Q: Is the relationship between Maribelle (the main character) and her husband romanticised? 

A: No, Maribelle is not in love with her husband and doesn't see what he does as an act of love.

Q: Is Jacob (Maribelle's husband) redeemed?

A: No. 

Q: Are there scenes describing the abuse? 

A: Yes, both from Maribelle's memory, and in the existing timeline. 

Q: Is there any rape depicted? 

A: No. It is implied off page but not depicted on page. 

Q: Is there a happy end?

A: There is what I'd call a happy-ish end. Maribelle is in a better place at the end of the book than she is at the beginning. 

Q: Is there any romance at all?

A: There's a hint of something to come with a character who isn't involved with Maribelle's time at the Marriage Market, but it is off-page. 

Q: Are all Marriage Market relationships bad?

A: No. Mila, a character from the other Dragon Duels books, has a happy marriage as the result of the Marriage Market. 

Q: Are there cameos from previous characters in the series?

A: Yes, Mila, Raine, and Zelda all appear in the story.