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Leaving Sale 31st July 2024: Purple Oasis

The Purple Oasis series, co-written with Arizona Tape, will be leaving sale on 31st July. This is only a temporary measure while we rebrand and rework the series - relaunches will start in December after the release of a brand new book one, The Tea Witch's Promise!

The stories will mostly remain the same with minor tweaks to most books, and some major tweaks to a couple of them - including some event changes. There'll also be some new books towards the beginning of the series, and brand new titles to better reflect the stories within. 

We will be honouring all existing characters and pairings - the series will continue to be mixed pairings, and everyone will stay with the same person as in the original books.

Shifter's Heart Laura Greenwood Purple Oasis Witch's Lesson Arizona Tape Purple Oasis Witch's Memory Laura Greenwood Purple Oasis Shifter's Truth Arizona Tape Purple Oasis Mer's Journey Laura Greenwood Arizona Tape Purple Oasis Nymph's Storm Arizona Tape Laura Greenwood Purple Oasis Shifter's Escape Purple Oasis Laura Greenwood Arizona Tape Witch's Warning Arizona Tape Laura Greenwood Purple Oasis Mage's Library Purple Oasis Witch's Frost Purple Oasis Laura Greenwood Witch's Gift Arizona Tape Laura Greenwood Purple Oasis Dryad's Blossom Purple Oasis Laura Greenwood Arizona Tape