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99c 1st-31st July 2024: Duty To The Dead (The Apprentice Of Anubis)

 Duty To The Dead Egyptian Empire The Apprentice Of Anubis

Is learning the art of mummification everything Dhara wants it to be? 

After Dhara is chosen as one of the newest apprentices at the London Temple of Anubis, she's thrown into life at the temples, from learning about embalming, to the protective amulets used for the dead. 

With the help of her mentor, she learns precisely what she needs in order to make it to ordination and to become a full Priestess Of Anubis. 

Duty To The Dead is a standalone companion story to The Apprentice Of Anubis series, an urban fantasy set in an alternative version of London where the Egyptian Empire never fell. Duty To The Dead can be read as a standalone. The events take place during the events of Death Of The Pharaoh through to Court Of The Queen. 

If you love Egyptian mythology, alternative versions of the modern day, temple politics, and slow-burn workplace romance, then start the Apprentice Of Anubis series today with Apprentice Of The Dead.