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99c 8th-14th July 2024: Tainted Ashes (Untold Tales)

  Tainted Ashes Untold Tales Fairy Tale Retelling Dragons and Mages Laura Greenwood Cinderella

Meeting a prince feels like it should be a romantic adventure, but for Tanwyn it means danger greater than she can imagine.

Tanwyn has always known her station in life, especially with the Duchess ruling her life. 

A chance encounter with the Prince changes everything, and Tanwyn finds herself having to foil a plot, with only the help of her dragon familiar, Dart, to do it. 

Can she save the Prince by midnight?

Tainted Ashes is part of the Untold Tales series of fantasy fairy tale retellings and is based on Cinderella. It includes a sweet m/f romance and can be read as a standalone.