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New Release: Dating A Snow Goddess (Jinx Paranormal Dating Agency #4)

  Dating A Snow Goddess Jinx Paranormal Dating Agency Laura Greenwood

Will getting snowed in with a Norse goddess lead to love? 

Skadi loves nothing more than living a quiet life on her mountain, doing all the things a normal goddess of the hunt and snow would do. Until her peace is interrupted. 

Erik never planned on getting trapped on a mountain, but when he gets stuck on his way back to his hometown, he finds himself seeking shelter with the most enchanting woman he's ever met. 

With the storm worsening, and no way off the mountain, the two of them are trapped in Skadi's cabin until it clears. 

Could that lead to something neither of them expected to find amidst the snow?


Dating A Snow Goddess is a mythology-inspired paranormal m/f romance and part of the Jinx Paranormal Dating Agency series. It features a Norse goddess who loves nothing more than living alone, and the upbeat musician who gets snowed in with her. 

If you enjoy light-hearted paranormal romances featuring gods from different mythologies around the world, a hint of steam, and a happy ever after at the end of every book, start the Jinx Paranormal Dating Agency series today!