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99c 1st-15th February 2024: Witch's Lesson (Purple Oasis #3)

 Witch's Lesson Arizona Tape Purple Oasis

Will magic lessons bring two tea witches together in more ways than one?

Reese finally feels like she's found a home amongst her fellow witches at Purple Oasis, and while working in the medical bay is challenging, she's keen to prove she belongs there. When a patrol finds an unconscious tea witch outside the oasis, all of Reese's skills are put to the test. 

Annabelle has never learned how to use her magic, but now she's found herself at Purple Oasis and in the care of a gorgeous witch who is determined to teach her everything she knows, she realises that might change. 

Can Reese teach Annabelle how to use her magic, or will their lessons break them apart before they've even started to explore the connection between them?


Witch's Lesson is part of the Purple Oasis paranormal romance series. It includes a sweet f/f romance involving two tea witches connecting over their magic.

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