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99c 1st-29th February 2024: Blind Dates For Lonely Gorgons (An Obscure Academy Story)

 Blind Dates For Lonely Gorgons Laura Greenwood Obscure World Holidays

A blind date leads a gorgon to love.

As a gorgon, Thalia has always avoided dating so she doesn't risk turning someone into stone, but when her best friend convinces her to sign up for the Valentine's Blind Date event, everything changes.

When Thalia meets Evander, there's an instant connection, even if he doesn't ask conventional first date questions. But will he still feel the same when he discovers the truth about what she is?


Blind Dates For Lonely Gorgons is a light-hearted gorgon academy m/f romance set at Obscure Academy. It features two gorgons looking for love and trying to avoid turning anyone into stone.

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