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November Update Post


Welcome to this month's post summarising what to expect from each of my series. You'll find these posts on the 5th of each month and the idea is just that it's an easy way for me to share with everyone where each series is up to. If I don't mention a series in this post, then the chances are that it's a complete series with no changes, but please feel free to ask about anything that you feel I've missed or isn't clear! My aim is to be as transparent as possible and I truly appreciate everyone's understanding when I have to move dates in order to bring everyone the best books possible. 


  • Book 1 & some side stories are out now, including Pumpkin Carving For Superstitious Witches in the free Spells and Shadows Anthology
  • Book 2, Drinking Blood For Squeamish Vampires, will (hopefully) release later this month and will follow Bernie as she deals with her blood drinking problem.
  • Book 3, Flipping Tails For Seasick Mermaids, will release in January. If you read the story in the Wishes and Waves anthology then you'll have read part of the book, but there will be a second plot arc in the re-released version.
  • Book 4, Potion Making For Disastrous Witches, will re-release in March. The only difference between the version in the Midnight Magic anthology and the re-released version is that the re-release also has Owen chapters (they don't make any changes to the plotline) as I decided I wanted dual POV for the series after I submitted the final Potion Making file.
  • Book 5, Trading Names For Polite Sprites, contines this month as my newsletter serial.
  • Bonfire Night For Flammable Dragons, a Bonfire Night themed holiday story has re-released this month and will be free on retailers as soon as I can possibly make it so!
  • There will be other books in the series announced shortly.



  • Books 1-5 are out now, as is Sabine's side story, Unfortunate Decrees and Iced Coffees (which you can get for free via my website)
  • Book 6, Vanilla Frappe And Reasons To Stay, is (hopefully) releasing later this month. 
  • Book 7, Festive Drinks And Seasons Hijinks, will be releasing in December. 
  • There will definitely be a book 8, and the series will probably go on until book 12, but that may change. 



  • Books 1-6 are out now, as is Feline Of Mourning, a Neffie story that's available free via my website.
  • Book 7, Succession Of The Temple, will (hopefully) release in January.
  • Book 8, Festival Of The Blessed, will (hopefully) release in April.
  • There will be more after book 8. I've got at least 12 books plotted out, with the potential to continue after that. The series is split into plot arcs with standalones between them which roughly works out as books 1-3, book 4, books 5-7, book 8, book 9-11, book 12. They do still build on each other.


  • Books 1-7 and a prequel (the prequel is available for free) are out now.
  • Book 8, Spells and Bells, will (hopefully) release in December.
  • A Stacey & Gabriel standalone, Grave Mistake, will (hopefully) also release in December. Amy and Ambrose will still appear in the story, but the focus will be on Stacey & Gabriel finally acting on what's obvious to everyone around them.
  • There will be more in the series after book 8. We tentatively have book 9 scheduled for March and book 10 for July.





  • Book 1, The Cupcake Witch, is out now.
  • Book 2, The Macaron Witch, will re-release this month (the date won't change), it is the same story as was previously in Eat Your Heart Out 2.
  • Book 3, The Gingerbread Witch, will (hopefully) release in December as this year's Christmas story.
  • Book 4, The Baklava Witch, will be going up for pre-order later this week for a February release.
  • A side story, The Pastry Warlock, featuring Ash, the youngest sibling, is currently available for free via my website
  • There won't be more stories than those listed in the series, but the cousins will continue to appear in Cauldron Coffee Shop as side characters.


  • Books 1-15 (previously the Grimm Academy, Fate of the Crown, Once Upon An Academy, and The Princess Competition series now combined as one) are out now.
  • Book 16, Princess Of Feathers, will re-release in December (date won't change). It is the same story as was in the Curses and Crowns anthology.
  • Book 17, Princess Of Scales, will (hopefully) release in April.
  • There is a 50:50 chance that Princess Of Scales will be the end of the series. If it isn't, there will be four more books.


  • Books 1-6 are out now.
  • A side story, Witch's Frost, has released this month in the Winter Wonders anthology
  • Book 7, Shifter's Escape (Morgan & Gus), will (hopefully) release in April.
  • Book 8, Witch's Warning (Max & Hugo), will (hopefully) release in June.
  • There will be more in the series, book 9, Siren's Ruse (Colette & Lisa) will also be out next year, as will book 10, Nymph's Gift. We currently have up to book 12 planned out, but will very likely continue past that.
  • A side story, Shifter's Journey (Ines & Susie), will be coming in March in the Hexes and Hearts Anthology.