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99c Sale 4th-11th July: Wake The Dead (The Necromancer Council #1)

 Wake the Dead Laura Greenwood The Necromancer Council

Can she face her fears and lead her people?

The last thing Cissy wants is a position of power. She's seen what it does to people and has been the victim of it. But with the necromancers in disarray, all eyes are on her to do just that.

Finally giving in, she sets about bringing her people back into order. Except that there's a problem. Bodies are turning up, and the signs point to someone from Cissy's past. Someone she thought was dead...
Wake the Dead is book one of the Necromancer Council Trilogy, an urban fantasy series with a slow burn romantic sub-plot.

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In a world of necromancers, the (un)dead, and all other kinds of shady types, it’s the living that are the most dangerous. Narcissa, or Cissy as she insists, knows that all too well. Scarred from a bad experience, she’s trying to get the control back over her life and part of her mission is to start the Necromancer Council. This first book is a wonderful introduction to the characters and part of Laura Greenwood’s impressively entangled paranormal world. Neither Cissy or the reader can escape her past, especially when it’s coming back to haunt her. The characters have to go through some painful and tough moments, but there’s also love, friendship, and light at the end of the tunnel. It’s a book with depth and I can’t wait to read the rest. This series is easily one of my favourites and I can’t recommend it enough. - Arizona Tape, USA Today Bestselling Author