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Out Now: Crowned Empress (Beyond The Curse #3)

 Crowned Empress Laura Greenwood Beyond The Curse

Having escaped one curse only to fall victim to another, the world is carrying on around Keira. But she's not the kind of queen to sit back and let other people control her kingdom. 

With her old allies by her side, along with some potential new ones, she's able to break free and take her position at the head of her armies. 

Can she free her kingdom from the grips of a terrible war?

Crowned Empress is the third & final book in the Beyond The Curse series. It is inspired by fairy tale lore, including Sleeping Beauty and Hansel & Gretel. It includes an m/f romantic sub-plot.

Crowned Empress is a captivating and well-thought out end to the Beyond The Curse series. Keira and Philip finally come to the last part of their journey and everything plays out in a satisfying way with some chilling and tender moments for them and the other characters. A worthy end to a great series. - Arizona Tape, USA Today Bestselling Author