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Happy Pride Month!


However you like to celebrate this month, I hope you have a good time and stay safe!
I thought I'd do a quick round up of my books including explicitly LGBTQ+ characters (there are several not on the list who I haven't included because it's not explicitly said or shown on page) in case anyone wanted an LGBTQ+ read.
However, if that's what you're looking for, then I would recommend hopping over to my partner's solo books. Arizona writes some amazing stories and most of them feature lesbian, bi, or pan heroines:
  • If you like mythology, then you should check out her newest series, Queens Of Olympus which starts with Trouble In Hades, a sapphic paranormal romance inspired by the myths of Hades and Persephone.
  • If you like academy, then you should try her complete Afterlife Academy series, which follows a valkyrie-in-training, Ylva, as she learns to navigate both Valhalla and her dragon roommate, Ryoko.
  • If you like familiars and animals, then you should check out her Griffin Sanctuary series, which follows trainee vet, Charlotte, as she learns to care for the mythical creatures at the sanctuary.
  • Or if you like mystery, then you should check out the Samantha Rain Mysteries series, especially as it also includes an adorable hellhound. books (some of which are co-writes with Arizona)


  • Dragon Outcast, co-written with Arizona Tape: it follows dragon shifters & boxers, Holly and Tamsin as they connect and realise they might be more than just rivals in the ring.
  • Soulswap, co-written with Arizona Tape: when Tate finds herself in someone else's body, she meets Sian, an alluring vampire who feels like a better fit for her than the fiancĂ© back home...
  • Witch's Lesson, co-written with Arizona Tape (releases in a couple of weeks): when Annabelle arrives at Purple Oasis with no way of knowing how to use her tea witch magic, it's up to Reese to help her learn.
  • Bonus Entry: Shifter's Truth, co-written with Arizona Tape (releases in August): when Stella decides it's finally time to discover her shifter side, she searches out the Oasis' resident tattoo artist only to discover more than just her inner animal.

I've only included books in this list where it is explicitly said or shown on page that one of the main characters is bi or pan. All of the characters on this list are in straight presenting relationships.
  • Amethyst's Wand Shop Mysteries, co-written with Arizona Tape: join wandmaker, Amy, as she teams up with Detective Ambrose to solve murders. Amy has referred to herself as bisexual multiple times on page, and there is a running gag about her putting her foot in it by accidentally calling her friend's wife hot. (As a fun aside, Gaia was actually originally meant to be a love interest for Amy as well as Ambrose, but when we wrote her, it became clear that Gaia was happily married and that's where Van came from!)
  • Soulshift, co-written with Arizona Tape: when Ayra switches bodies with Tate, she finds herself around a dreamy dragon shifter and a connection she can't deny. Ayra dates both Sian and Devon over the course of the series (Sian at the start, Devon for most of it)
  • Dragon Heart, co-written with Arizona Tape: fall in love with quirky half-vampire, Marcus, and the adorable half-dragon Zara. Marcus refers to himself as bisexual on page.
  • Bonus Entry: Trading Names For Polite Sprites (releases next year): Essie and Byron have been hooking up for a while, but now he's looking for something serious while she's trying to avoid it in order to keep her secret safe. Essie openly refers to herself as bisexual and it is referenced by other flatmates in the Obscure Academy series (she says that Krissi is her type).
  • Protectors Of Poison: Serket has spent the latest part of her life in hiding in the human world, but when one of the other gods is poisoned, she is urged to return to Karnak. Serket is pansexual and her gender-changing ex is a major plot point. (As a bonus aside: I had to go remake my graphic because I almost forgot this one!)

I only included the poly books I have that include LGBTQ+ relationships within them, but I do have more.
  • The Vampire Detective, co-written with Arizona Tape: private investigator, Lucy, isn't very good at her job, but when she's hired to find a missing watch, she finds herself uncovering something big. Without too many spoilers, there is an f/f relationship between Lucy and another woman, and Lucy's fiancĂ© is asexual (they have a conversation about it)
  • Renegade Dragons, co-written with Arizona Tape: Lola has never wanted to find her mates because it means having to leave her best friend...until she realises it doesn't. This includes an f/f friends to lovers relationship.
  • Dawn Of PainAren tries to get past her PTSD caused by the apocalypse al while losing her heart. This includes a fated mates situation with three guys & another woman.
  • The Banshee's SparkFaye and Reese have always known that they're fated mates, but for some reason, it hurts to touch. When they meet Penny, everything falls into place and they realise she's what they've been missing. This is a fated mates f/f/m triad.