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Last Chance For Free (Multiple Titles)


The following books will only be free for a short time longer!
I have mentioned a few of these in The Paranormal Council Reader Group & to my newsletter already, but I thought a post with all of them in would be helpful. If you want to grab these for free, then now is the time to do it!
  • Harpy's Mission (Supernatural Retrieval Agency #1) will be coming off free next week. It follows Harper the harpy (her name is a thing), as she joins the Agency and learns there's more to fighting crime than she thought there was.
  • Catching A Vampire (Grimalkin Academy: Catacombs #1) follows Daphne, a witch attending Grimalkin Academy with her best friend, and whose twin brother is determined to find an old family spell that will allow them to turn into cats...the only problem? It's hidden in the vampire part of the academy.
  • Your Heart To Win (a Rosewood Academy story) is a contemporary royal academy romance (try saying that fast!) following Arthur and Charlotte as they start their relationship. It does have a HEA but is intended as a prequel to the up-coming My Heart To Resist.
  • Tower Of Thorns (Once Upon An Academy #1) will come off free during June. It follows Rapunzel as she starts at Grimm Academy and tries to avoid her prophecy coming true.
  • Outlaw Of Ladies (A Tales Of Clan Robbins Prequel), co-written with L.A. Boruff. It follows Loxley Robbins as she makes the mistake that leads to her becoming an outlaw.
  • Magical Mischief (Magic and Metaphysics Academy #1), co-written with L.A. Boruff. It follows Lou as she starts at Magic and Metaphysics Academy while trying to hide the fact she's a hybrid witch-vampire, and that she's found her fated mates.
  • Unicorn Mates (Valentine Pride #1), co-written with L.A. Boruff). It follows Leola as she heads into the mountains and finds three very sexy mountain lions.
Side note: these books no longer being free isn't a change in my opinion on free books - I always want to make sure that people have the ability to try my books risk-free to them money wise, and the books will be replaced by others (that have never been free before!), though I can't at present say which will be replaced by what.
Several books that have been on my free list for a while will be staying there, including but not limited to The Dryad's Pawprint & The Vixen's Bark, Stoking The Embers, Glass and Sass, and From The Deeps. Cursed Crown will likely remain free until after the Beyond The Curse series is complete.
The Bookfunnel downloads offered for free on the free page on my website, and via Bookfunnel promotions are constantly changing, though you can find several that are not currently in rotation on the bonus content page of my website. I am going to continue bringing out freebies like this so they will change in the future.