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Important Update: The Fox and the Viscount (The Shifter Season #1)


There's going to be a slight delay to The Peacock and the Wallflower (book 2 of the Shifter Season series) but with good reason! While working on book 2, I realised that not having dual points of view for this series was a mistake (particularly because Esther and Laurence don't know one another prior to the events of the book, unlike Victoria and Edmund who were childhood friends).

Instead of just going about it differently from book 2 onwards, I took some time and went back to add some of Edmund's point of view to The Fox and the Viscount too!

The files are processing on retailers at the moment and will hopefully be finished soon! The version with Edmund's chapters has 16 chapters (and an epilogue), whereas the Victoria-only version has 14 chapters (and an epilogue). There are four Edmund chapters (3, 10, 14, & 16), two of which are brand new, and two of which are switched for chapters that were originally from Victoria's point of view (they're still available via a download on my website).

If you already have your copy of The Fox and the Viscount, then you can either resync your device, or download the new chapters from the link below!

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