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Teaser: Potion Making For Disastrous Witches (Obscure Academy)

How about another teaser from my book in the Midnight Magic multi-author boxed set, Potion Making For Disastrous Witches?
This book is going to be so much fun! Especially as it combines two of my favourite things to write - paranormal romance and academy settings (all the characters are over 18)

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"Please tell me you have a hangover cure you can whip up?" Essie asks, rubbing her temples.
I groan and pull the covers away from my face. "No such luck. Did you forget that I'm a terrible witch?"
"You can't be that bad," she whines, flopping down on my bed.
"If I try to make a hangover cure for us, I'll blow up the kitchen and then we'll have an even bigger problem on our hands than having drunk too much last night."
"Then we need to remember not to do tequila shots in the future," she mutters.
"I try, but it's like my common sense goes flying out of the window where tequila's concerned."
She snorts. "I think that's true with everyone. Did you at least make a move on you-know-who?"
"Eurgh." I pull the blankets back over my head. "No."
"Michaela, why? He's clearly into you."
"That's the problem."
"Nope, you've lost me," Essie says. "How is him liking you a problem? Surely that makes it easier considering you like him too."
"You'd think that, yes."
"That's just not how it works."
"Fine. But don't think I'm giving up. I'll find another way to convince you to make a move." She gets to her feet.
"Does the convincing involve coffee?" I venture.
Essie chuckles. "I'll put the kettle on."

Obscure Academy

Paranormal Academy Romance

Obscure Academy is a paranormal romance series based at Obscure Academy, where multiple types of supernatural attend. Each book is a standalone with a happy ever afterIt is set in the Obscure World.

Series Overview: 
Heat Level: Low - Relationship Type: m/f - Build: Fast - Point of View Character: Single first person POV, changes throughout the books - Cliffhangers: No - Tense: Present

Potion Making For Disastrous Witches is currently part of the Midnight Magic Boxed Set.

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