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Excerpt: Sparks and Marks (Amethyst's Wand Shop Mysteries #4)

There's a familiar face for those of you who have read all of mine and Ari's co-writes! Read on to find out who (very minor spoilers but let's just say I've been dying for these two characters to meet since we started Amy's series!)

2021 Copyright Arizona Tape & Laura Greenwood


"Oh good, you're back," Topaz says. "The liaison is waiting for you in conference room six. Dark hair, looks like a typical vampire, late-twenties, well-spoken," she summarises.
"What does a typical vampire look like?" I ask her.
She shrugs. "You'll see. There's no other way to describe it."
I'll admit to being a little intrigued, and also intimidated. Just who are we supposed to be meeting?
We make our way to the conference room and enter to find Dean talking to a slender woman with a pale complexion, a dark braid, and a black lacy dress that looks both modern and Victorian at the same time.
Topaz is not wrong. The look really does scream vampire.
Dean spots us and waves. “Ah, here they are. Can I introduce you to Detective Ambrose and one of our consultants, Amy. Guys, this is Lucinda Corentine, our vampire liaison.”
The woman holds out her hand and smiles pleasantly without a hint of teeth. “Please, call me Lucy.”
I like her already.
“Lucy is a member of the Vampire Court,” Dean adds, sounding impressed. He directs us to the table at the front of the room. “She’s here to review the recent Jane Doe case and determine if it falls under their jurisdiction or not. I’ve printed out all our findings. Mr Daniels is still in custody, but we'll release him if that's what you insist on.”
Oh Dean, you're not being very subtle about what you think, are you?
Lucy smiles. "Thank you. I'll take a look."
He gestures to the conference table so the four of us can take a seat.
“What sort of factors will influence your decision?” I ask, intrigued about how this is going to work.
“It really depends,” Lucy answers as she shuffles through the files. “The Court likes to step in when more than one vampire is involved or the victim is a vampire.”
The Court, not we. Am I missing something, or is that deliberate wording?
I glance at Ambrose. “But the victim is a shifter?”
“Yes, but in your call, you said you found evidence of a second vampire being involved. Until we can determine what role she plays in the whole situation, it could go either way.” She picks up some of the pictures of our Jane Doe and sighs. “Poor girl. It looks like she was bound and kept in that position for a while. I hate when they look like that. This is why I prefer working with inanimate objects. Although that doesn’t always pan out so well.” She gives an amused chuckle, but doesn't elaborate. I wonder what that's about.
“Do you have a lot of experience working with murder victims?” Ambrose asks.
Aha, he's as curious as I am.
The vampire liaison releases an ambiguous noise. “Not exactly.”
“Lucinda— Lucy almost single-handedly uncovered and abolished an entire blood-slave ring. And she’s one of the youngest members to ever sit at the Vampire Court,” Dean adds, his admiration making more sense now. Although it sounds a little exaggerated.
I look expectantly at the other woman, who just chuckles awkwardly.
“I had help,” she responds. “And I inherited that seat so… you know.” She waves it away as if it's no big deal.
But it's not a no. She's done all the things Dean says she has.
A little twinge of admiration flutters through me as I watch the other woman go over the documents.
As she examines the case and reaches out for another file, her sleeve tugs up and I notice some scratch marks on her lower arm.
“You have a cat?” I ask, pointing at them before I realise what the alternative is and how insensitive I’m being. Why can’t I think before speaking?
Luckily, Lucy nods. “I do. Jester, he’s a little menace but I love him. You?”
“My cat is called Herbert,” I answer proudly.
“Your cat is made of stone,” Dean points out dryly.
"Don't let him hear you say that," Ambrose mutters under his breath, causing a small smile to flit over my face.
Lucy chuckles. “Now that’s the kind of cat I can get on board with.


Amethyst's Wand Shop Mysteries, co-written with Arizona Tape

Urban Fantasy

An urban fantasy mystery series following wand-making witch, Amethyst, as she teams up with a detective to solve crimes. Co-written with Arizona Tape. Part of the Twin Souls Universe

Heat Level: Low - Relationship Type: m/f  Build: Slow - Point of View Character: Single first person POV, same throughout books - Cliffhangers: Ish (complete story arcs, hooks for the next book) - Tense: Present

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