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Teaser: Accidental Cupid (A Supernatural Retrieval Agency Standalone)

If you enjoyed Pippa (the cupid from the Supernatural Retrieval Agency series), then you might be glad to know she'll be back next month in Accidental Cupid!

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I check myself in the mirror, looking at every angle to check my costume. I look great, there's no denying it, but I worry that it doesn't do anything to cover the fact I'm a cupid or a police officer. Neither of those are good things to be at a party, for completely different reasons.
The door opens and Harper pops back into the room, her white lace dress streaked with fake blood and even a couple of handprints.
"Will you pass me the veil?" she asks.
I nod and pick it up, noticing it's been given the same treatment.
"I have some ground rules for the party," I say as she plumps up her hair and puts the veil in place.
"I don't set people up. I don't give dating advice, I..."
"Pip, you do realise it's an engagement party, right? No one's going to ask you for those things," she assures me.
"They will when they find out I'm a cupid," I mutter. And who has an engagement party on Halloween anyway? I suppose at least it's an excuse to dress up and I have to admit, her choice of costume is rather amusing. I hope her fiancé finds it as funny. Though knowing Elias, I'm sure it was his idea."
"Then don't tell anyone," she points out. "Most people here have no idea you are one, keep it quiet and they won't know at all."
"Oh". That kind of makes sense, even if it's not an option I've considered. Somehow, people just seem to know what I am. Especially if they've spent a lot of time around me. "What if they can tell?"
"If they can, just flash them your agency badge and tell them you're an undercover officer," she suggests, the corners of her lips lifting up into an amused smile.
"That might work, but it would also be a gross misuse of power."
"You're no fun," she teases. "But in all seriousness, just make something up. What if you said that you bought some perfume off a cupid?"
"We don't make perfume."
"Which is something no one needs to know," Harper points out. "There's almost as much mystery around cupids as there is around harpies, we're both going to be safe from questions."
"You mean other than when's the wedding."
She snorts. "Anyone who asks that is going to get their invitation late."
"That's mean."
"And totally deserved."
"What are you going to do if someone asks when you're going to have a baby?" I ask, not doing a good job of hiding the amusement from my voice.
"Uninvite them," she deadpans.

Supernatural Retrieval Agency 

Urban Fantasy Romance, Complete Series

This is an urban fantasy series about a new member of the Supernatural Retrieval Agency as she learns how to help keep the peace between supernaturals and humans. Part of the Obscure World.

Series Overview: 
Heat Level: Medium - Relationship Type: m/f - Build: Medium - Point of View Character: Single first person POV, same throughout the books - Cliffhangers: Yes (complete series) - Tense: Present

Accidental Cupid (Pippa's story) is currently part of the A Wicked Night Anthology.

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