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New Release: Lamps And Lies (Grimm Academy #5)

Lamps And Lies Laura Greenwood Grimm Academy Aladdin Fairy Tale Retelling

Lamps And Lies (Grimm Academy #5) by Laura Greenwood

Lies always catch up with the ones keeping them, and Alyeesah has several.

Caught up in her pretence as a Princess, Alyeesah learns about her prophecy when it's almost too late, and if she's going to stop it and win the heart of her prince, then she'll have to move quickly.

With someone else pulling the strings, and the rest of the academy just waiting for her to make a mistake, it might even take Alyeesah's third wish to get herself out of trouble.

Lamps and Lies is book five of the Grimm Academy series and is based on the fairy tale of Aladdin and the Lamp. It is an m/f non-bully academy romance.

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I lift the hem of my headscarf and begin to rub away the dirt. It's stubborn, so may have been from before it fell after all. The metal warms beneath my fingertips, and my eyes widen. Is it supposed to do that? I can't admit to knowing enough about jewellery to be sure if this is a good or bad thing. 
A large purple puff of smoke erupts from the ring, hitting the back of my throat. A violent cough wells up and I burst into a fit. I wish I had some water saved, but I don't have any such luck. 
"You are the master of the ring," a voice booms. 
I whip my head up to find a man standing in front of me, his arms crossed over his chest and his muscles bulging. The purple smoke swirls around him, almost as if it's at one with the man. Which makes no sense. 
"Who are you? Where did you come from? I have a knife." I slip my hand to my side to get it. I'm no expert with a blade, but I know better than to walk around unarmed. It took me months to scrape together enough coins for the simple rusty blade, but it's been worth it. 
"I'm the genie of the ring," he announces. "Granter of three wishes." 
"Wishes?" I echo, confused by what I'm hearing. Genies aren't real, are they? 
"Anything you wish is my command. Though I can not raise the dead..." 
"There's no one I'd want back anyway," I mutter. 
"...make anyone fall in love, or change the way the kingdoms look," he continues without acknowledging my words. 
"And I can ask for anything?" 
"Except more wishes." He shrugs and unfolds his arms, appearing much less intimidating than before. 
"Do you like being a genie?" I blurt. 
Shock crosses his face, as if it isn't a question he's ever been asked. 
"I've never known any different." 
"That isn't a yes or a no," I point out. 
"How can I know if I like something if I have no experience not being it? Do you have any experience not being a woman?" 
"Well, no. But I like being female," I counter. "I still know that." 
"Hmm." He seems genuinely confused by my question. "May I think about your question, Mistress?" he asks. 
"Of course. You don't have to answer me if you don't want, either." I glance away from him, not wanting to make things weird between us. Well, weirder than they already are.
"Excellent. Then I will be needing your first wish." 
"You can do anything?" I repeat needlessly. I heard him the first time, but it's taking some time to sink in. 
"What is it you wish?" 
"I don't know," I answer honestly, beginning to pace back and forth as I give it as much thought as I can. 
"Is there something you don't like about your life?" the genie suggests. 
A small laugh escapes me. "All of it?" 
"Then why don't we start with that?" the genie suggests. 
"You just want me to wish my life to be different?" I stop pacing and turn to face him. I'm sure my confusion must show on my face. 
"I can't tell you what to wish for, Mistress, that would break the rules. But I can advise you that you don't simply wish that your life is different. Perhaps I might suggest you should be more specific in your desires." 
"Oh." I tap my chin, thinking of all the whispers I've heard at the market over the past few months. That gives me the idea I need to come up with a wish. "How complicated can I make the wish?" I ask. 
"Within reason," the genie says, the purple smoke which came with him growing stronger with each moment. 
I glance over my shoulder to check we're still alone, not wanting anyone to overhear the two of us and start asking questions I can't answer. 
Like where I got a mystical genie from. If I'm honest, I'm still confused about that one myself. 
I take a deep breath and look him directly in the eyes. "Hypothetically, if I was to wish that I was the Princess, with all the trappings and things necessary to keep up that pretence, so that I could attend Grimm Academy, then would that be possible?" I'm not sure if going to the academy is the right thing to do, but I've heard whispers about it in the market that imply it may be a good place to find a noble husband. If I can do that, then there's no way I'll ever have to be back on the streets ever again. 
"I can't change the way the kingdoms look," he reminds me sternly. 
I shrug. "I'm not asking you to. You could make me the Princess of a small made-up nation that nobody has ever heard of. I believe I'd need a patent of royalty or some such proof, but no one will question it." 
The genie nods. "That should be doable. Is it what you wish?" 
"Then I need you to say the words. It isn't a wish unless you make it properly." 
I clear my throat, already wondering if this is the right thing to do. It has to be better than the life I've grown accustomed to, and that's all I can ask for at this stage. 

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Laura is a USA Today Bestselling Author of paranormal, fantasy, and urban fantasy romance (though she can occasionally be found writing contemporary romance). When she's not writing, she drinks a lot of tea, tries to resist French macarons, and works towards a diploma in Egyptology. She lives in the UK, where most of her books are set.

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