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New Release: Huntsmen And Hoods (Grimm Academy #3)

Huntsmen and Hoods Grimm Academy m/f fairy tale retelling Laura Greenwood fantasy romance

Red's always wanted to be one of the Huntsmen...

As one of the only women ever to gain entry into the elusive Huntsmen, Red has more to prove than anyone else. But nothing is going to stop her, not even the ex-boyfriend who she didn't realise would be there.

One trip into the forest is all she needs to learn who she can trust. So long as she comes back...

Welcome to Grimm Academy, where fairy tale characters go to escape their foretold fate.


Huntsmen And Hoods is the third book of the Grimm Academy series and is based on the fairy tale of Little Red Riding Hood. This is an m/f non-bully, non-RH academy series.