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Top Tips To Keep Your Dragon Shifter Happy

Top Tips to keep your Dragon Shifter happy (originally created by my co-author, Arizona Tape – and borrowed with permission!)

  1. Dragons have a deep love for their own element and will choose a drink that represents that element. They will even go as far to die their drink the right colour. Don’t question it.
  2. Every Dragon community has their own set of curses like: “for fire’s sake” or “holy rock formation”. However, if you’re not part of their element, it’s considered rude to use it.
  3. When they shift into their dragon form, they become a lot bigger. Make sure to have at least one room available for emergency shifts. Like the boxing gym in Dragon Soul or the training cave in the Earth community.
  4. Fire dragons, in particular, love fire, as expected from them. Make sure to have stern rules about where and when they can play with their flames or they’ll burn your house down.
  5. Dragons are very protective over their young and their eggs. Don’t. Touch. The. Eggs. Unless you have permission from the mother.
  6. Dragons come of age when they’re 25 and they’ll complete their mating ritual on the birthday of the youngest of the bond. For Fire Dragons, this is a big ceremony where the whole family is invited. But if you have an Earth Dragon in your home, don’t expect to be part of their very intimate wedding.
  7. Much is known about the three elemental dragons, Fire, Water, and Earth, but the Air Dragons are a real mystery. Even to the other communities. Almost nothing is known about them so if you spot a grey-ish dragon in the clouds, you might be one of the rare and lucky few to have seen one. Most people never do.