Wednesday, 29 May 2019

New Audiobook: Fifth Round, co-written with Arizona Tape

Fifth Round Laura Greenwood Arizona Tape Renegade Dragons paranormal rom com reverse harem dragon shifters

Fifth Round

It's time to face the next round, only one team will be crowned.

Lola and her fire dragons are heading into the biggest gaming tournament of their lives and their teamwork will be tested to the limit. With new rivals and a newly formed bond, it will take everything they have to become world champions.

A paranormal reverse harem set in the Twin Souls Universe.

Audiobook - Narrated by Susan Greenway:

Friday, 24 May 2019

New Audio Book: The Necromancer's Prey

The Necromancer's Prey Laura Greenwood the Paranormal Council audiobook Libby Kerk paranormal romance

He's investigating her people - so why can't she resist him?

Rory's been an outcast her whole life, never feeling like she fit in with the other necromancers. With the Shifter Council investigating a rogue, her loyalties are torn between the people she doesn't belong to, and the shifter she can't seem to stop thinking about. 

When Alden saves Rory one night, the attraction between them becomes too difficult to ignore, and he finally starts to accept that she could be his mate.

The Necromancer's Prey is the third book in the completed Paranormal Council series. It is Rory and Alden's full story.

Thursday, 23 May 2019

New Release: Reigning Eira

Reigning Eira Laura Greenwood Fated Seasons Winter reverse harem books

Eira thought she was done with the fae courts. At least, it seemed that way with the Fae Queen of Summer incapacitated. 

Except that the Fae Queen of Winter has died, and her daughter refused the throne. Leaving only one possibly successor. Someone with the powers that belonged to the Winter Fae in the first place. Someone sounding suspiciously like Eira. 

The Queen is dead. Long live the Queen.
Reigning Eira is a paranormal reverse harem, set in the Paranormal Council universe, and the second book of Fated Seasons: Winter.

Saturday, 11 May 2019

New Release: Rule the Dark, co-written with Skye MacKinnon

Rule the Dark Laura Greenwood Skye MacKinnon Seven Wardens Reverse Harem

There's only one way to Rule The Dark, and Macey has to find it.

Heartbroken but not alone, Macey sets off on the conclusion of the Seven Wardens series... without a cliffhanger.

A reverse harem (still) drenched in Scottish mythology. The seventh and final book in the Seven Wardens series.

Reading order:

#1 From the Deeps
#1.5 Through the Storms (optional spin-off)
#2 Into the Mists
#3 Beneath the Earth
#4 Within the Flames
#5 Above the Waves
#6 Under the Ice
#7 Rule the Dark

Prequel: Beyond the Loch

Wednesday, 1 May 2019

New Release: Guardian (Boxed Set)

Guardian Glass Heart Laura Greenwood wolf shifters reverse harem

Join the pack with this collection of wolf shifters. 
Turn the page and dive into worlds filled with sexy wolf shifters and thrilling tales. Whether you're looking for romance or adventure, there's something within these pages. 

These heroes are nothing like the big bad wolf, but only in the best way. 

Featuring stories from: 

Nicole Morgan 
Laura Greenwood 
Laurie Treacy 
Lori Titus 
Tina Glasneck 
Arizona Tape 
Donna R. Mercer 
Misha Carver 
Kat Parrish 
Harper phoenix 
Tricia Schneider 
Nikki Landis 
Krista Ames 
Trinity Hanrahan 
Deelylah Mullin