Friday, 30 June 2017

Mythical Creatures with Aoife Marie Sheridan

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Image Three (Blog Post) My favourite would have to be fairies. As I live in Ireland here is a little information on fairies who live here amongst us. This is its story: In Irish folklore, Lone Bushes are the meeting places of the Fairies. The fairies are believed to be the Tuatha de Danann, one of the first tribes to arrive in Ireland, they were a magical and secretive people. When warrior tribes like the Milesians began to arrive in Ireland the Tuatha de Danann were defeated in battle but would not be forced to leave. They loved Ireland so much they decided to use their magic to shrink themselves and live underground. The tunnels which you can see are believed to travel all over the country to different fairy villages. Each fairy village is marked by a single hawthorn tree or Lone Bush located nearby. The fairies are a secretive people who are blamed by the local Irish for many things which they cannot explain. As a result, the fairies like to be left alone and it is considered bad luck to disturb a fairy bower or a Lone Bush. Aoife Marie Sheridan is the Author of Drowning in Lies. You can find out more about Aoife 

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Chaos reigns throughout the seven kingdoms of Nirra. Fighting for their lives as their Kings wage war against one and other, the people are used as pawns. While the search begins for a woman who will birth the strongest heir to the throne, a healer runs from a fate she doesn’t want to embrace, a witch finds out about her powers, and a traumatised amnesiac struggles to remember who she is. In a world at war and with no control over their own destinies, they are all drowning in lies. Only the strongest will survive.

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Thursday, 29 June 2017

COVER REVEALS: Awakening & Betrayed

I'm so excited to be able to reveal the GORGEOUS covers created for me by Limabean Designs! This is for my Beyond The Curse Fairy Tales series (previously titled Alventia!) The original three stories, Awakening, Betrayed and Cloaked, are all being revamped and rereleased with new covers, and then there's going to be MORE book in the series!

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Life goes on around the cursed.

Cursed as a baby, Keira has slept for over ninety years, only to be woken by the son of the man who bewitched her. But she soon discovers that Philip is nothing like his father, and is willing to show her ways to cope with her new reality.

Supported by a powerful witch, and her brother, Keira and Philip do their best to stay out of his Father's clutches, and soon realise that it's up to them to fight back.

A fantasy paranormal retelling of Sleeping Beauty. A Beyond the Curse story.

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Life goes on around the cursed.

All Cienna and Henry want is a child, and an heir for their Kingdom. Yet after years of trying, they still don't have one. Seeing it as her only option, Cienna makes a deal with the notorious Xavier.

But every deal comes at a price...

A fantasy paranormal retelling of Rumpelstiltskin. A Beyond the Curse story.

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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Mythical Creatures with Alex Owens

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Image Three (Blog Post) If you’d ask me to pick my favorite creature of myth a few years ago, the choice would have been an easy one. Witches, with their elemental powers born from the earth. They are conduits for nature’s awesome, and perfectly observable, raw magic. Witches are the closest thing we have to being possible, being real, in that regard. Now with the years creeping up on me, I’d go a different route. Vampires. They are immortal and at a time when getting myself out of bed each morning reveals a new ache or pain, I’d certainly appreciate the lack of cellular degeneration. Their lasting youthfulness could also fix what is wrong with my reflection in the mirror these days. Can’t you imagine it? No need to waste buckets of money on cosmetics, dental work, fad diets or medical expenses. That alone would have me greedily sucking down the nearest cup of platelets! While in my very own castle, of course. Alex Owens is the Author of Dark Destiny. You can find out more about Alex here!

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Image Four (Blurb) Beylin Callaghan belongs to the Brotherhood, an elite band of crow-shifters. His job is to escort souls from one life to the next, while wiping their memories for a fresh start in a new life. But he's keeping a secret and her name is Pia. He's loved her for eons, but in this lifetime she doesn't remember him... yet. Cassiopeia "Pia" Alexander is floundering. Her love life is non-existent and her only joy is her job as an Animal ER Nurse. Rattled by her crazy dreams—they’re too real to be just her imagination—and being stalked by a big, black bird, well, those things aren’t helping either. Fate is tossing Beylin and Pia together once more… or is it something far more sinister?

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Monday, 26 June 2017

Happy 20th Birthday Harry Potter!

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Maybe Harry Potter isn't 100% relevant to my own writing - it's a different sub-genre after all. 

But Harry Potter has played such a massive role in my life that I couldn't just let this anniversary pass me by without saying a big Happy Birthday! 

I'm hands down a member of the Harry Potter generation. 

I remember waiting for the book on release day, then devouring it (and apparently, my Mum used to sneak into my room and steal the books so she could read them at the same time).

I remember reading, and rereading, them all so many time that I knew them inside out. 

I remember debating with my friends about theories, and lamenting over beloved characters' deaths. 

I remember waiting for the films to come out and then being a little disappointed in the bits they missed out, but still finding them magical. 

More recently, I remember my Dad surprising me on my 21st Birthday by taking me to the Studio Tour in Watford. And I remember my little brother (then just 4 years old) looking around and his eyes lighting up as he took in the magic around him. 

I also remember spending the weekend with my friends at a Harry Potter themed convention, in cosplay naturally! 

I remember doing a Harry Potter themed night with my Brownie Pack, and how they loved it despite Harry Potter being published before they were born. 

I have a chocolate frog key ring on my car keys, and a Marauder's Map heat changing mug. Not to mention a Gryffindor scarf in my wardrobe. 

And J.K. Rowling herself is such a fantastic role model. For not giving up. For staying true to her own world. And for being one of the most down to earth and giving millionaires out there. 

So thank you J.K. for making the past 20 years so magical! 

Keep Your Eyes Peeled!

Coming very soon! My author friend, Gina Wynn, dared me to write a story based on a ladybird (or ladybug) shifter! It was after we talked about writing prompts, and how one of the characters in her novel, Two by Two, was scared of ladybirds!

So I'm doing it! And I'm excited to be able to share it with you soon!

Friday, 23 June 2017

Mythical Creatures with Juliana Haygert

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 Choosing one favorite mythical creature is hard! I like so many of them! I’ve written about a few—gods, demons, witches, ghosts … and I have unpublished manuscripts about vampires, werewolves, fae, and more. I actually invented a few on some of these manuscripts. That’s the fun part about writing, right? Being able to create new things, new worlds … But if I do have to choose one, I would say witches. The cool thing about witches is that you can do anything you want with them. They can be good witches, evil witches, elemental witches, more like psychic powers witches, or they can have one specific gift and no other kind of magic. They can be linked to Salem and/or witch trials, they can be born or made, they can have grimoires and depend on potions and enchanted objects. Or not. There are no rules and we can have fun with them. For the Creatures boxed set, I actually invented a “mythical” creature. They are called Tziganes and they are like gypsies but with real, powerful magic. They are just like witches in that sense—the powers and how they use them and the fact that some part of them is human—but laced with gypsies’ traditions and setting. It was fun to write about my dear, mysterious Tziganes and I hope my readers like it too. Juliana Haygert is the Author of Gypsy Heart. You can find out more about Juliana here!

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If twenty year old Mirella could just pretend she wasn’t a gypsy for one second, maybe her life wouldn’t suck. But turning off her enhanced sixth sense isn’t something she can do. When she’s attacked by mysterious masked men, questions and fear rise. And the answers probably lie with Mirella’s mother, the same woman who she hasn’t spoken with in over a year. Their reencounter is unpleasant, as is learning the truth that Mirella is more than just a gypsy. She’s a Tzigane, a line of very powerful gypsies, and because she doesn’t live in a secured enclave, she’s an easy target for the Alchemists—a group obsessed with Tzigane’s magic. Her mother and two enemy enclaves fight to teach her how to control her magic, when all Mirella wants is to go to college and go out with the guy she’s crushing on—while ignoring the trail of bodies amassing around her. But living free brings danger to her friends’ lives, and Mirella will have to choose between continuing to pretend to be normal or letting her inner power take over to engage in a century old battle where the price might be her own life.

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Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Mythical Creatures with Skye Knizley

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I don't have a "favorite" mythical creature. There are, however, those I am interested in, one being the Skinwalkers of Native American lore. For some reason people think that Skinwalkers belong only to Navajo folklore, however that is not true. Most have some version of the Skinwalker, including my own ancestors. Navajo are just the ones who get all the press.

The consensus is that Skinwalkers are evil shamans (or witches) capable of changing their shape to that of various animals. Depending on the tale being stretched around a campfire, they can change shape at will, change shape only to those animals they have killed and eaten or are those who can don the skin of other creatures and take on their characteristics. The latter are of particular interest to me as villains. The ability to kill and impersonate another human is far more frightening to me than appearing as a wolf or bear. Disinformation and betrayal is what destroyed much of Native American culture to begin with, and impersonating a friend or loved one is the easiest way to betray someone.
I find the idea of magical transformation to be fascinating, and many of my villains are capable of such a feat, often in the most gruesome way possible. Many of my most memorable villains eat human hearts, skin their victims alive or pluck out their eyes and devour their souls. Think about that the next time someone you care about seems to be being weird and tell me it doesn't give you the creeps.

Teenage girls are going missing in the St Louis area only to reappear sliced into bloody, unrecognizable ribbons dropped along a lonely stretch of highway, leaving parents in a state of panic and the police baffled. Twin monster hunters, Jynx and Piper Kane, take the terrifying case, digging in where angels fear to tread in hopes of finding a link to the lycan clan that turned their brother and destroyed their family. 

As clue after gory clue leads deeper into the darkness that lies just beyond the glow of the city Jynx and Piper find themselves facing a terror like nothing they've hunted before. Something with no fear and no remorse. 

It's out there in the dark... and it's looking for Fresh Blood.

Find more from Skye Knizley here!

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