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99c 13th-23rd June 2024: The Fox and the Viscount (The Shifter Season)

The Fox and the Viscount The Shifter Season Laura Greenwood

 Two fox-shifting childhood friends reconnect in the ballroom and make an ill-advised wager that could lead them to love.

When Victoria runs into her childhood friend and fellow fox shifter, Edmund, at a society event, she finds herself engaging in a scandalous wager over which of the two will secure an engagement first. 

Even with a suitable suitor calling on her, she can't help but be drawn back to her friend's side, and they soon find themselves in a compromising situation with only one way out of it. 

Can they resist the pull they have to one another? 

The Fox and the Viscount is a paranormal Regency romance with fox shifters, an ill-advised wager, childhood friends to lovers, and a handsome Viscount. It is part of the Shifter Season series and includes a sweet m/f romance. 

The Fox And The Viscount is Laura Greenwood's latest story and one of her best. Edmund and Victoria live up to being fox shifters and their cheekiness just had me smiling the entire book. Combined with the restraint from regency times, it creates a perfect balance of wit, subtlety, and scandal. If there were ever shifters during that period, this is what it would've been like. I absolutely adore this one and I can't wait to read the next book. Arizona Tape, USA Today Bestselling Author