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Out Now: Dance Of Daggers (Grimm Academy #19)

Dance Of Daggers Grimm Academy Laura Greenwood

Morgiana knows that her best chance of avoiding the thieves from her prophecy is to study at Grimm Academy.

As a scholarship student, Morgiana doesn't want to do anything to destroy her chances of a better life, and that includes when two of the new students find a mysterious cave on the academy grounds full of enough treasure to make them all unbelievably wealthy. 

But Morgiana sees it as the danger it is - and that if they take it, they might need to face the thieves who are part of the prophecy that could end her time at the academy, as well as her life. 

Can she save them all before it's too late? 
Dance Of Daggers is part of the Grimm Academy fantasy fairy tale romance series and is a standalone retelling of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves. It includes a fairy tale heroine determined to save herself and a sweet m/f romance.

If you enjoy fairy tale retellings, fantasy academy settings, friendship, prophecies, strong heroines, and sweet romance, start the Grimm Academy series!