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Free 17th - 30th April 2024: Servant Of Chaos (Forgotten Gods #4)

Servant of Chaos Laura Greenwood Forgotten Gods Egyptian Mythology

Even Egyptian mythology has a Cinderella...

One slave is all it takes to turn the tide. 

Rhodopis has lived most of her life as a slave to the god of chaos, knowing there wasn't a way her life could have been better. But a visiting god and his priests changes all that, and she learns that there's more to life than servitude. 

Can she follow her heart, or is she destined to be a slave forever? 

Servant of Chaos is part of the Forgotten Gods series and is based on Egyptian mythology. It includes a dash of adventure, a m/f romance, and can be read as a standalone. It is based on the legend of Rhodopis, an Egyptian version of Cinderella.

If you enjoy Egyptian mythology, gods and goddesses, quests and adventures, and a modern setting, then you should start the Forgotten Gods series!

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