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Out Now: Spitfire Of The Caverns (Forgotten Gods #16)


Spitfire Of The Caverns Forgotten Gods Laura Greenwood

A goddess designed to give punishments might be the only option for saving the day.

When Ra's barge gets stuck in the afterlife, the gods have to rally to try and save it before it causes too many problems. With no other option, Tatenen turns to Sesy, a goddess from the caverns.

Sesy is used to living a life devoid of much, especially since souls stopped being sent to her to be punished, but now she has a chance at regaining a purpose, and she has to decide whether to ally with the gods, or to continue her life as it once was.
Spitfire Of The Caverns is part of the Forgotten Gods series and is based on Egyptian mythology. It includes a m/f romance, and can be read as a standalone.

If you enjoy Egyptian mythology, gods and goddesses, quests and adventures, and a modern setting, then you should start the Forgotten Gods series!