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Out Now: Recalling Memories For Forgetful Phoenixes (Obscure Academy #12)

 Recalling Memories For Forgetful Phoenixes Obscure Academy Laura Greenwood

Forgotten memories lead to a romantic revelation for a phoenix shifter and her best friend.

When Sera uses her phoenix magic too much and ends up losing her memories, it's up to her best friend Hugo to help her get them back. 

But without the benefit of knowing their history, Sera soon uncovers her true feelings towards him. After an almost-kiss, Hugo realises that she's not the only one who has caught feelings, but he knows they can't do anything about it until she has her memories back. 

Can the two phoenixes find their way to one another?
Recalling Memories For Forgetful Phoenixes is a light-hearted phoenix academy m/f romance set at Obscure Academy. It features a phoenix who has lost her memory and the best friend who is helping her win it back.