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Out Now: Mage's Library (Purple Oasis #11)


Mage's Library Purple Oasis

Can searching an abandoned library bring romance for an ink mage and a pigeon shifter?

Ink mage Lincoln has always loved books, but there hasn't been much use of them since the apocalypse came.

Scout and shifter Penny loves finding treasures on her missions outside the oasis, particularly when she can take them back to her home base and give them to the mage who has quickly become her friend. 

When they uncover a lost library, they finally have a chance to spend some time together, and explore the connection that's been building, along with the trove of books just waiting to be uncovered. 

Mage's Library is part of the Purple Oasis paranormal romance series. It includes a sweet m/f romance involving a pigeon shifter in search of home, and an ink mage looking for knowledge.