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I don't remember the title but the cover was...GREEN!


I don't remember the title but the cover was green...

Discover ten fantastic urban fantasy books with two things in common...adventure, and a green cover! Whether you're looking to disappear into Irish mythology, hunt down artifacts, or learn how to care for a kelpie, this selection of urban fantasies has something for you! 

🍀A Dragon's Mind by A.L. Tippett 
🍀Tiger Crown by Laura Greenwood
🍀Keys Of Fate by Georgiana Kent
🍀A Drop Of Magic by Janna Ruth
🍀The Kelpie Crisis by Arizona Tape
🍀imPerfect Beginnings Boxed Set by C.N. Rowan: 
🍀Exes and Enchantments by G Clatworthy
🍀The Guardian by L.M. Hatchell
🍀Witchwood by Willa Blackmore
🍀Finding Fae Artifacts by Isa Medina
🍀Shadow Winged by Jilleen Dolbeare
🍀Death At Peony House by Krista Walsh