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Out Now: Mischievous Familiars For Cordial Fairies (Obscure Academy #11)

Mischievous Familiars For Cordial Fairies Obscure Academy Laura Greenwood 

A mischievous corgi, a fairy who just wants to help, and a dryad who doesn't want to put up with any of it. 

When Posey wakes up to flowers covering her room, she knows she needs to find an outlet for her fairy magic and finds herself drawn to Obscure Academy's FlowerSoc where she meets a dryad who doesn't seem to have any patience for fairies. 

The main thing that Cedric knows is how to grow flowers, and the last thing he wants is for the new fairy suddenly telling him what he's doing wrong, and worse, using magic to help her grow flowers. 

When Posey's mischievous corgi ruins Cedric's display, the two of them have to work together in order to restore it - but can they manage to find a way for their methods to work in tandem?

Mischievous Familiars For Cordial Fairies is a light-hearted fairy & dryad academy m/f romance set at Obscure Academy. It features a corgi with a penchant for trouble, a fairy who needs an outlet for her magic, and a dryad who isn't all that pleased about any of it.