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99c 15th January-15th February 2024: Stoking The Embers (The Dragon Duels #1)

 Stoking the Embers dystopia urban fantasy dragons

A deadly game, an unsuspecting competitor, and fire-breathing dragons.

Two hundred and fifty people go into the Dragon Duels. One in fifteen come out.

When Raine finds herself part of the quarterly Dragon Duels, she has to do everything she can to survive without losing herself in the process. Teaming up with a volunteer from the White Towers is the last thing she thought she'd do, but Cobalt has the information she needs to live to win, and she isn't about to let that slip through her fingers.

Escaping from the dragons is only half the battle - does she have what it takes to win the rest?
Stoking the Embers is book one in the Dragon Duels series, an urban fantasy adventure with a dystopian flare and a slow burn m/f romantic subplot.

If you like deadly competitions, low-key magic, dystopian settings, dragons, and slow-burn romantic subplots, start the Dragon Duels series today with Stoking The Embers.